Prime Minister of Cycoldia

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Prime Minister of the
Grand Republic of Cycoldia
Avery Prasatik[a]

since 14 October 2023
Style The Right Honourable
Member of General Assembly
Term length At Her Imperial Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holder Kristopher Eastham
Formation 17 June 2019
Deputy Deputy Prime Minister
Salary Nil (Pro bono)

The Prime Minister of Cycoldia is the head of government of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia. They are elected by the General Assembly following nomination of the leader of the majority party. This is commonly done through a motion submitted by the Speaker to nominate a predetermined candidate from the party. The responsibilities of the Prime Minister include the staffing of their cabinet, issuing Prime Ministerial Orders, and assuring the government's duties are being carried out. The office of the Prime Minister is the highest ranking office that is democratically gained without appointment to it within Cycoldia.


The Prime Minister has been a point of interest in the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, and has been an office involved in scandals since its founding, with the first Prime Minister not having been elected by the General Assembly, and instead having been appointed by Christina I & II. The first Prime Minister was removed from the office after being warned that if his company did continue to keep Ethan F. as an Executive he would be removed, he did not remove Ethan F. from his board and so was subsequently removed.

The first Prime Minister was Avery Prasatik. In her time she issued from her office two Prime Ministerial Orders. These documents are orders from the Prime Minister to execute specific orders from their position as head of the executive, in the case of Prasatik's first order, it formed the Royal Commission on Lacian History, formed to list through the history of the United Kingdom of Creek and Lake on behalf of Cycoldia. Her second order dictated a denouncement of Greg Abbott in his capacity as Governor of Texas.

The first ever challenge to a nomination of the prime minister was done by Arthur Lacey-Scott in the 2022 Monarchist Party premiership election, who later won the challenge as announced in a speech from Christina I & II. In this she highlighted that while the vote still was tied that in national polling data Lacey-Scott had popular support, and therefore she selected him. This has been the only ever successful challenge to a nomination in Cycoldia.

The only ever Prime Minister to be removed by a Motion of No Confidence was Kevon Burnett, who was removed by Motion #131. The motion passed with only three in favour, two against, and five members abstaining, with three of those five having not voted during the given time duration.[1]



  Monarchist (4)   Democratic (1)
Image Prime minister
Term of office Mandate[b] Ministerial offices held as prime minister Party Monarch
Start End Duration
Coat of Arms of Kristopher Eastham Kristopher Eastham
(born 2005)
17 June
13 October
118 days
Monarchist Christina I & II

r. 2018–present
(—) Democratic
(2019 Sep)
Coat of Arms of Avery Prasatik Avery Prasatik
1st Duchess of Houstonina
(born 2005)
14 October
14 October
3 years, 0 days 2020 Mar
  • Foreign Minister
2020 Sep
2021 Mar
2020 Sep
2022 March
2022 Sep
Coat of Arms of Arthur Lacey-Scott Arthur Lacey-Scott
(born 2002)
14 October
1 May
199 days 2023 March
  • Foreign and Colonial Minister
  • President of the College of Arms
Coat of Arms of Kevon Burnett Kevon Burnett
1st Viscount of Brookhaven
(born 2009)
1 May
14 October
166 days 2023 Sep
  • Lord High Clerk of the Cabinet
  • Minister of Health
  • Minister of Justice
Coat of Arms of Avery Prasatik Avery Prasatik
1st Duchess of Houstonina
(born 2005)
14 October
Incumbent 54 days
  • Lord High Clerk of the Cabinet


The following graphical timeline depicts the progression of the Prime Ministers and their political affiliation in office. The Prime Minister listed is in the colour of the party they were in the longest while in office, while the bar at the bottom tells what party was in power through the Prime Minister.

Kevon BurnettAvery Prasatik


  1. Avery Prasatik was made the Caretaker Prime Minister in order to give time for the General Assembly to select a new Prime Minister.
  2. Legend for the Mandate column:
    2020 March
    an election
    indicates a general election won by the government or that led to the formation of a government;
    (2019 March)
    a parenthesised year
    indicates an election with a a minority government retaining office or a new Prime Minister-Elect;
    a dash
    indicates the formation of a majority government without a general election;
    a parenthesised dash
    indicates the formation of a minority or coalition government.
  3. 3.0 3.1 This Prime Minister did not complete a term of one year, and served prior to the passage of the Premiership Terms Act of 2023, which removed the requirement to renew terms.
  4. While sometimes he is referred to as both the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, the position of Leader of the Opposition did not exist at the time of his premiership, and Eastham never was formally addressed as Leader of the Opposition.
  1. Cycoldian Official Website Thirteenth General Assembly Archive (Retrieved 1 December 2023)