Honourary Cycoldian Citizenship

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A person, a non-Cycoldian citizen, may be granted an citizenship to the Grand Republic of Cycoldia by order of the Crown of Cycoldia as provided for by the Constitution, and previous to it was provided by the Crown on behalf of the Committee of Citizenship. Five people have recieved honourary citizenship, with four of them having been prior to the current constitution.


Number Name Image Award date Granting Details
1 Ivory Cello 6 May 2022 a professional YouTuber who, on April 20, 2022, came out as as a transgender female publicly. During a public announcement in which she disclosed this she as well discussed her personal issues she encountered as a transgender woman. [1]
2 Nancy Pelosi 6 November 2022 Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States and a leading figure of the Democratic Party of the United States. As such she has received threats of violence and her husband was assaulted in an attempted assasination against her. She has worked in favour of LGBTQ+ rights and has been a victim as shown of violence and threats of violence for her work in U.S. politics.[2]
3 Owen Morgan 6 November 2022 a professional YouTuber who has dedicated their professional career and life to fighting cults, who was forced to flee from their residence in West Virginia to New York City.[2]
4 Drew McCoy 6 November 2022 a professional YouTuber who runs a channel dedicated towards increasing discourse regarding religion and atheism and battling the efforts of religious extremism.[2]
5 Alex Kisiel 21 December 2023 for his work in filmography through his YouTuber channel named “ish” for his sincere efforts in the simulations of politics and for the filmographic talent exhibited within his most recent videos.[3]


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