Republic of Flirbonia

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Republic of Flirbonia


Motto: Our island is a democracy
Official languages English (US)
Demonym(s) Flirbonian
Government Democracy
• President
Christina Nowell
• Vice President
Daniel H.
• Speaker of Congress
Marcus Paul
Legislature Congress
Establishment 11 October 2016

• Census
Time zone (CST/CT)

Preceded by
Succeeded by
United States of America
Grand Republic of Cycoldia
This nation was succeeded by the Grand Republic of Cycoldia

The Republic of Flirbonia was a micronation founded on October 11, 2016. It was dissolved in 2019 when it became defunct. The nation is said to be located on an island due to the quote of "Our island is a democracy." found in the only known document of foundation named "government". The island mentioned is not known, and it is not even verified that there was an island that Flirbonia claimed, as the map features a circular island with homes to the east coast, mountains in the north, a small forest to the northwest and the rest of the island being plains. The island also does not appear to have any land near it. It is the predecessor to the Grand Republic of Cycoldia.


It was founded on 11 October 2016, quickly losing interest by the founding members of Christina Nowell, Marcus Paul, and Daniel H. It was never considered as at all successful, by there being no elections in the 3 year time it has existed. It as well has never passed any laws or actions, simply having a founding set of rules and punishments, with there being no way to reinforce them.

Laws At Foundation

All remaining known laws and punishments:


  • 1.No murder
  • 2.No slavery
  • 3.No destruction of environment
  • 4.No camp fires in the forest
  • 5.No torturing
  • 6.No stealing
  • 7.No kidnapping
  • 8. Equality
  • 9.Give to the greater good
  • 10.No Eventual Dictatorship


  • 1.If crime is extreme, execution (Like Murder)
  • 2.Prison
  • 3.Charged money
  • 4. Privileges removed
  • 5.Not able to participate in public events
  • 6. :( sticker(Meaning you do not have the same rights for a day)
  • 7.Not able to get loans.
  • 8.House arrest
  • 9.Lose your job
  • 10. Get suspended from school (or expelled if in college)

Lawmaking Documents

One of the other documents is a piece describing a way to form laws, although there is no evidence supporting it ever being used:

  • How laws will be made: The president will make a selection of laws that congress will decide if they are fair. If they are fair, they will be released to the public for them to decide.