2024 Monarchist Party premiership election

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2024 Monarchist Party Premiership Election

← 2022 15 - 20 July 2024
Candidate Kevon Burnett Rafe Burfield
Assembly Seat Tertiary Denary
Members' Vote 6 (54.55%) 5 (45.45%)

Previous Prime Minister Nominee

Maximilian Greig

Prime Minister Nominee

Kevon Burnett

The 2024 Monarchist Party premiership election was an internal party vote that decided the nomination for Prime Minister from the Monarchist Party, with Kevon Burnett winning the nomination to become the Prime Minister nominee.

On 19 April 2024, following Maximilian Greig's ascention to the Caretaker Premiership, Kevon Burnett declared his intention to challenge Greig in an internal vote for the nomination of Prime Minister. Later, on 13 May 2024, Burnett officially submitted his candidacy to the Monarchist Party, thereby triggering an internal party vote to be scheduled. On 20 May 2024 it was confirmed by Christina I & II that the vote would be delayed until after the June 2024 general election.

On 9 July it was agreed upon by the Monarchist Party's leadership that Maximilian Greig would not be on the final ballots, thus confirming that he would not remain the Prime Minister.

Debate list

A recording of the First Monarchist Party Premiership debate taken by Christina I & II through her phone.

The Monarchist Party hosted a first debate on 2 June 2024, inviting all three candidates. Only two of the three candidates appeared on the date of the debate due to Burfield having an issue regarding an international flight. During the debate, Maximilian Greig seemed to endorse Kevon Burnett and stated that he was considering dropping out after commenting that Burnett "kind of [leads] better" and calling himself "power hungry". The second debate was scheduled to be held on June 14, however it was delayed due to Christina I & II having fainted and being unreachable.

2024 Monarchist Party premiership election debates
 No. Date Host Venue Moderator(s)  P  Present   I  Invited   NI  Not invited   A  Absent  
Prime Minister
Maximilian Greig
Former Prime Minister
Kevon Burnett
Party Spokesman
Rafe Burfield
1 June 2, 2024
16:08 UTC
Monarchist Party Discord[a] Christina I & II P P A
2 June 17, 2024
16:00 UTC
Monarchist Party Discord[a] Christina I & II NI P P


Candidate Born Experience Campaign Campaign
MP Endorsements Popular

Kevon Burnett
April 1, 2009
(age 15)
Prime Minister

Custodian of the Crown
Minister of Health
Minister of Justice
Member of the General Assembly
#Vote 4 Burnett 19 April 2024 Willow Dziedzic
Director of the Office of Parliamentary Affairs
6 (54.55%)
Mats Seifert
Member of the General Assembly
Myka Hrženjak
Member for the General Assembly

Rafe Burfield
July 4, 2005
(age 19)
Spokesman of the Monarchist Party
Rally for Rafe 20 May 2024 Christina I & II
Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia
5 (45.45%)
Avery Prasatik
Former Prime Minister of Cycoldia

Withdrawn candidates

Candidate Born Experience Campaign

Maximilian Greig
(age 14–15)
Caretaker Prime Minister

Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of the Interior
Member of the General Assembly
19 April 2024 9 July 2024 Removed from ballot by party
leadership after 0% polling


Poll source Date(s)
Olympia Polling[A] Jun 6–10, 2024 52.38%(A) 0.0% 54.6% 45.5%
MP Parliamentary Group[B] Jun 11, 2024 85.71%(GA) 0.0% 66.7% 33.3%
Olympia Polling[A] Jun 18, 2024 66.67%(DV) 50.0% 50.0%
Olympia Polling[A] Jul 2-10, 2024 40.91%(A) 44.4% 55.6%
MP Parliamentary Group[B] Jun 11, 2024 90.00%(GA) 66.7% 33.3%


Source Ranking As of
Olympia Polling Tossup (Burnett-Burfield) June 10, 2024


  1. 1.0 1.1 Each participating candidate debates remotely via a video call on the platform Discord. Audiences can watch the debate live through the call.
  2. Polls related to viewers of the debate include non-members of the Monarchist Party. Discrepancies between the poll and the number display are due to the removal of those non-members for the purposes of this chart
  3. Key:
    A – all party members
    DV - all debate viewers[b]
    LV – likely voters
    GA – monarchist parliamentarians
Partisan clients
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Poll done in collaboration with the Monarchist Party.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Poll done in by a body or organisation within the Monarchist Party.