Flag of Cycoldia

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Flag of Cycoldia
Use National flag
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 17 June 2019
Designed by Christina I & II
The Pride Flag of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, which has the flag as the base. Made by Christina I & II.

The Flag of Cycoldia is the flag of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, and was made by Christina I & II, there are multiple previous flags, shown here:


The canton of the flag (The gradient in the top left) symbolises the combination of the original two capital system of Cycoldia, in which it symbolises the fusing of the Cultural Capital (Now the Capital Building) of Cycoldia and the Military Capital (Now the Pine Palace). The bars of the flag each symobolise a person or object involved in the founding of the nation. The flag formerly had no bars on it as the objects and people of foundation had not been fully considered as important. The flag was then changed to have the bars later in design (7 November 2018) although the canton was cutting one of the bars. This error in the flag was corrected on 17 June 2019 whenever the flag was changed to have the canton no longer cutting one of the bars.

Other Cycoldian flags

Other flags used by the Cycoldian government are as follows:

Regional flags

Most regional flags are designed either after the hereditary title in charge of the region (e.g. a Duchess or Earl), though some do not follow this general structure.[1] The regional flags of Cycoldia are as follows:

Flag Coat of Arms Region Name Bearer of Title Date of Creation
Grand Duchy of Greater Houston HIM Christina I & II[2] 6 November 2018
Duchy of Imperium HIM Christina I & II 6 May 2020
Duchy of Denver HNH Saffron Spurlock 6 November 2018
Duchy of Tequrovidea HIllH Sillipha Wither-Rose 2 November 2020
Duchy of Primus HNH Julia Nowell 30 March 2020
Duchy of Miller HNH Thaddeus Miller June 2020
Duchy of Trinity HNH Hunter Jäger 27 August 2020
Duchy of Houstonia HNH Avery Prasatik 1 August 2021
Duchy of Cloverfield HNH Emily Nowell 2 August 2021
Dukedom of Alvin TNH Cassius Varrene 1 August 2021
Duchy of Glenbrook Vacant[3][a] 5 August 2021
Marquessate of Crystal Bay Marcus Paul 7 February 2020
Earldom of Cylon Vacant[b] 17 June 2020
Earldom of Laflet HH Kleinmann Kümmel 27 May 2020
Earldom of Hitchcock HH Charles Ross 3 December 2020
Earldom of Palmeris Vacant 3 August 2021
Earldom of Northshore HH Christopher Tran 4 August 2021
County of Gold Leaf HH Amelia Banks 7 May 2022
Earldom of Southshore Vacant 18 May 2022
Earldom of Winwood Vacant[4][c] 2 August 2021
Viscountcy of Galena Vacant 2 August 2021
Viscountcy of Manchester Vacant 3 August 2021
Viscountcy of Grandview HE Alex de Jager 2 August 2021
Viscountcy of Pine Oaks TE Seb 2 August 2021
Viscountcy of Brookhaven HE Kevon Burnett 24 March 2022
Viscountcy of Kemah Vacant 19 May 2022
Viscountcy of San Leon Vacant 10 June 2022

Baronial flags

Flag Coat of Arms Barony Name Bearer of Title Date of Creation
Barony of Sagehaven Sir Andrew Perdomo[5] 9 August 2022
Barony of Grapewood Sir Ankur Saxena 3 December 2022
Barony of Ryewater Sir Johnnie Noe Ortiz 10 January 2023
Barony of Astoria Sir Frank Kramarik-Luth 9 June 2023


  1. Formerly held by Arthur Lacey-Scott until his titles were attained by The Crown on 1 May 2023
  2. Formerly held by Sammy Pike-Hegar until her titles were attained via a bill of attainder on 17 March 2022
  3. Formerly held by Moradin Fenri until his titles were attained by the Privy Council on 25 January 2023
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