13th General Assembly of Cycoldia

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13th General Assembly
Flag of the General Assembly
Legislative body General Assembly
Jurisdiction  Cycoldia
Meeting place Assembly Hall, Empreton
Term 7 October 2023 (2023-10-07) – 1 April 2024 (2024-04-01)
Election September 2023
Website Cycoldia.com/general-assembly
General Assembly
Parties in the General Assembly
Members 10 Voting Members
5 Non-Voting Members
Prime Minister Avery Prasatik
Speaker Christina Nowell
Leader of the Opposition Christopher Tran
Party control Monarchist

The Thirteenth General Assembly is the current meeting of the General Assembly of Cycoldia, formed following the general election in Cycoldia during September 2023.

Major Changes

While it had occurred prior, the thirteenth General Assembly was the first General Assembly in which Evan Paul sat as a member of the Monarchist Party, in which she had prior been the leader of the Democratic Party.

Shortly after the beginning of the thirteenth General Assembly, Motion #131 passed, removing Kevon Burnett as the Prime Minister, and replacing him with Caretaker Prime Minister Avery Prasatik, who had formerly served for three years between 2019 and 2022. A Committee to Select the Prime Minister assembled internally in the Monarchist Party, consisting of a majority of Monarchist members of the General Assembly in order to select a new Prime Minister to be nominated to the General Assembly by the speaker.

Later, on 6 November 2023, Lewis Ross left the Monarchist Party, with him having intentions to create his own political party. While the General Assembly had not been in session due to the Quinquennium Jubilee, Lewis Ross had still formally joined the opposition, and would return to the sitting as an independent before later creating the Labour Party.


This list includes all members of the 13th General Assembly.

Members of the General Assembly
Voting Members
Member Party Seat Number
Christina I & II Monarchist Party
HNH Avery Prasatik Monarchist Party
HE Kevon Burnett Monarchist Party
HH Amelia Banks Monarchist Party
Hon. Lewis Ross Labour Party
Hon. Brandon Mierzwa Monarchist Coalition
HNH Thaddeus Miller Monarchist Party
HH Christopher Tran Unitary Party
Hon. Maximilian Greig Monarchist Party
Hon. Aidan Fritz Unitary Party
Non-Voting Members
Member Party Member State
Hon. Julia Night Monarchist Party  Lur
Hon. Anthony de Dathuria Monarchist Party  Dathuria
Hon. Ra'ees Richards Independent Creek and Lake
Hon. Evan Paul Monarchist Party Jockromasa
Vacant N/A Sequeria