Order of Elswick

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Order of Elswick
Breast Star of the Order of Elswick
(Commander and Protector)
Awarded by the

Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia and Ekaterina Elswick
Type Dynastic
Established 10 October 2020
Motto Somnium donec labor
Status Currently awarded
Grades Protector (EIP)
Commander (EC)
Knight (KOE)
Officer (OOE)
First induction 10 October 2020
Total inductees 3
Next (higher) Order of Grandeur
Next (lower) Sovereign Order of the Golden Heart

The Order of Elswick is the 5th highest honour of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, designed by Christina I & II. It was named after [katerina Elswick, a former High Constable of the CSDF and former Regent of Cycoldia.


Name Nation Date Notes
HIM Christina I & II  Cycoldia 10 October 2020 Sovereign of the Order of Elswick
Ekaterina Elswick  Cycoldia 10 October 2020 Namesake of the Order of Elswick
HRM Amelia Banks[1]  Lytera 25 December 2021 Awarded as Queen of Lytera


  1. Regency of Cycoldia Awarding of the Order of Elswick (14 June 2021)