Quinquennium Jubilee of Christina I & II

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Quinquennium Jubilee of Christina I & II
Christina I & II in 2022
Genre Jubilee of the monarch of the Cycoldia and the Cycoldian Imperium
Date(s) 6 November 2023
Website cycoldia.com/quinquennium (government website)

The Quinquennium Jubilee of Christina I & II was celebrated in 2023 in Cycoldia to mark the 5th anniversary of the accession of Christina I & II on 6 November 2018. The emblem of the event was formally unveiled by the government on 6 March 2023.

Christina I & II has commented that there is going to be a commemorative medal and other celebrations, commenting as well that there will be some local events, but did state that they would be somewhat more limited due to that she would be moving cross-continental in the same year.

Release of List of Planned Recipients of the Quinquennium Jubilee Medal of Christina I & II: page 1

Jubilee emblems

The emblem for the quinquennium jubilee in Cycoldia was announced in April 2023, following the first release of awards. The design was created by Christina I & II for use. The sanguine and tenné were matched to the Cycoldian flag as well as the flag of the Cycoldian Imperium. The rose design inside of the crown was chosen to represent the Royal House of Nowell, whose emblem is a black rose. There as well was an alternate design released for dark backgrounds.


The Cycoldian Crown announced on 1 April 2023 that medals would be issued to both select Cycoldians as well as many foreign dignitaries. Citizens and dignitaries include Kevon Burnett and Ethan S. The medals were initially said to be produced by The/Studio, but instead MicroFlag produced the final copies of the medals. Official photos of the medals were revealed on 19 October, with them featuring an image of Christina I & II on the front, with the roman numeral V on the other side, with the Cycoldian Crown.