Liberal Party (Cycoldia)

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Liberal Party
Abbreviation LP
Leader William Denton
Founder William Denton
Founded 23 February 2020
Registered 17 September 2022[a]
Dissolved 31 October 2023
Merged into Tulip Party
Political position Liberalism
Colors   Yellow
Prime Minister
0 / 1
General Assembly
0 / 10
Non-Voting Assembly
0 / 5
House of Lords
0 / 18

The Liberal Party was a political party in the Grand Republic of Cycoldia founded by William Denton in 2022 after a former failed registry of the party in 2020. It later merged into the Tulip Party when the party was founded.


The Liberal Party was officially founded in 2022, though it's roots trace to 2020 with a failed application to register a party by the same name by William Denton. It's formation in 2022 saw it through the first election of the party in October, where it secured one seat in the General Assembly. Following the March 2023 election the Liberal Party lost all seats in the General Assembly, it later joining the Tulip Party on 31 October 2023.


Image Name Term of office Elections Government
When taking office When losing office Term length General Assembly House of Lords
Coat of Arms of William Denton William Denton 17 September
31 October
1 year, 75 days 2022 Sep Opposition Extra-parliamentary
2023 Mar Extra-parliamentary
2023 Sep
The Liberal Party merged into the Tulip Party on 31 October 2023.

Electoral History

Election Seats +/-
General Assembly
2022 Sep
1 / 10
2023 Mar
0 / 10
2023 Sep
0 / 10
Steady 0


  1. William Denton had attempted to register the Liberal Party on 23 February 2020, but had lost his citizenship for an extended period of time, and eventually re-registered the party upon his arrival again in September 2022.