Royal House of Nowell

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Royal House of Nowell
Current headChristina I & II
Cadet branchesHouse of Nowell-Morgan

The Royal House of Nowell is the current reigning house of Cycoldia, and is in charge of the Monarchy of Cycoldia. The Royal House's former head of the House was Eugene of the Royal House of Nowell, though he died on 16 November 2019. The Royal House has had extreme control of the nation of Cycoldia, as the current monarch of Cycoldia is the head of the Royal House, although the Royal House's control over the nation has been tested multiple times, with all five of the Cycoldian Civil Wars. The Royal House also is the only House available to become a Protector of the Order of Eugene, and the house is currently in control of the Monarchy of Cycoldia.

Image Name Born Became Head of House Relation to previous Head of the House Ceased to be Head of the House Term Length Royal Cypher
N/A Peter Nowell 1770 Unknown Modern House Established September 1816 Unknown N/A
N/A Clement I Nowell 1790 September 1816 Son 11 November 1864 45 years, 71 days
N/A Thomas Eugene Nowell 14 April 1848 11 November 1864 Grandson 20 August 1920 55 years, 283 days N/A
N/A Willis Eugene Nowell 25 May 1898 20 August 1920 Son 15 December 1977 57 years, 117 days N/A
Eugene Thomas Nowell 30 May 1927 15 December 1977 Son 16 November 2019 41 years, 336 days
Christina I & II 6 May 2005 16 November 2019 Granddaughter Incumbent 4 years, 243 days

Lists of Escutcheons of Members of the Royal House of Nowell

Escutcheon Name of Armiger and Blazon
Christina I & II, Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia

Quarterly I and IV grandquarters, quarterly I Assembly Bleu a coronet jeweled of Gules and Vert gems proepr, II Assembly Bleu, a dragon segreant Gules, III Assembly Bleu, a Cycoldian Cross sable proper bordered and tipped Argent and IV Assembly Bleu, five arrows point downward Argent barbed Gules and tied together by a ribbon Or, II and III, Quarterly II and III grandquarters, quarterly II and III Argent, two lions combatant Sable, I and IV Or, between two chevronels Gules a lion rampant of the same

Julia I, Queen Pretender of Ela'r'oech,[d] Duchess of Primus[1]

Argent, three chevronels Azure between three oars Azure two in chief and one in base

Emily Nowell, Duchess of Cloverfield
Payton Nowell-Morgan

Azure, a cross Argent charged with a cross Gules all within a bordure compony Gules and Argent


  1. Lur is a Joint-Crown Territory of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia.
  2. All titles by the Royal House of Nowell in the UKCL are owned via the authority given to the Monarch of Cycoldia, presenting control over the area to Cycoldia, the title of Empress of Lacia is also through the authority of the Monarchy of Cycoldia as Queen of Lake & Creek.
  3. The title of Empress of the URRJ was granted through the Treaty of Jockromasa, and through the voting of Cadet Branches of the House of Paul.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Julia Nowell has not stated the relinquishing of her claim of the title of Queen of Ela'r'oech.
  5. Date of modern house establishment.
  1. Lacey-Scott, Arthur. "The Peerage of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia". College of Arms of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia.