Monarchist Party (Cycoldia)

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Monarchist Party
Abbreviation MP
Leader Christina I & II
Founder Christina I & II
Founded 5 May 2019
Political position Royalism
Colors   Purple,   Gold
Prime Minister
1 / 1
General Assembly
7 / 10
Non-Voting Assembly
2 / 5
House of Lords
9 / 17

The Monarchist Party is the governing political party in the Grand Republic of Cycoldia and has kept a majority in the General Assembly throughout Cycoldian history.


The Monarchist Party was formed following the creation of the General Assembly and very quickly took a full unanimous lead of the body. It later lost this after the first Prime Minister left the party, founding the first opposition party of the Democratic Party. The party has retained the position of Prime Minister since Avery Prasatik took office

Monarchist Coalition

The Monarchist Coalition was formed as a result of Brandon Mierzwa's entry into the party, as it then allowed for independent members of the General Assembly to caucus with the Monarchist Party and be displayed as Monarchist Party, without officially being a member of the party. Brandon Mierzwa currently is the only member of the Monarchist Coalition who sits in the General Assembly, and is considered to be a member of the Monarchist Party for all intensive reasons other than official membership.


Image Name Term of office Elections Government
When taking office When losing office Term length General Assembly House of Lords
Christina I & II 5 May
Incumbent 4 years, 216 days 2019 May Unanimous N/A[a]
2019 Sep Supermajority
2020 Mar
2020 Sep Majority
2021 Mar Supermajority
2021 Sep
2022 Mar
2022 Sep Majority
2023 Mar
2023 Sep


  1. The House of Lords did not exist at this time and was established by the Lords Act of 2022