Labour Party (Cycoldia)

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Labour Party
Abbreviation LP[a]
Leader Lewis Ross
Founder Lewis Ross
Founded 6 November 2023
Registered 7 November 2023[b]
Membership 1
Political position Socialism
Colors   Red   White
Prime Minister
0 / 1
General Assembly
1 / 10
Non-Voting Assembly
0 / 5
House of Lords
0 / 17

The Labour Party is a political organisation in the Grand Republic of Cycoldia founded and currently led by Lewis Ross. It was created following Ross' departure from the Monarchist Party. It serves as a part of the opposition due to Ross' singular seat in the General Assembly.


Image Name Term of office Elections Government
When taking office When losing office Term length General Assembly House of Lords
N/A Lewis Ross 7 November
Incumbent 21 days Opposition Extra-parliamentary


  1. The abbreviation LP was formerly used by the Liberal Party, until they merged into the Tulip Party.
  2. While the Labour Party was approved, it was not been registered until 7 November 2023 due to the Quinquennium Jubilee of Christina I & II making them unable to be registered on 6 November, and they were later registered on the 7th.