Imperial Badges of Cycoldia

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In heraldry, the imperial badges of Cycoldia comprise the heraldic badges that are used by the monarchs of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia and the Cycoldian Imperium.

Heraldic badges are distinctive to a person or family, similar to the arms and the crest. But unlike them, the badge is not an integral component of a coat of arms, although they can be displayed alongside them. Badges are in fact complete and independent and can be displayed alone. Furthermore, unlike the arms and crest, which are personal devices that could only be displayed by the owner, the badge could be easily borne by others, in the form of a cognizance or livery badge, to be worn by retainers and adherents. Badges are displayed on standards and personal objects, as well as on private and public buildings to show ownership or patronage.[1]

List of badges

Badges Examples
 Royal House of Nowell 

Christina I & II
  • a sable rose, the stalk green, surmounted by the Imperial Crown
  • a ring of chains or
  • a chess king argent


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