Order of Nowell

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Order of Nowell
Medal of the Order of Nowell
Awarded by the

Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia
Type State Order
Established 6 November 2018
Motto Roborabitur fortitudo
Awarded for Service and extreme showings of loyalty to the Crown of Cycoldia
Status Currently constituted
Protector Christina I & II
Grades Protector (ONP)
Commander (ONC)
Knight (ONK)
Officer (ONO)
First induction 6 November 2018
Total inductees 5
Next (higher) None
Next (lower) Knighthood of Cycoldia

The Order of Nowell is the highest and most prestigious award in the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, with only five given out in the history of the nation. It is only awarded when the monarch believes that the recipient has met the needs and the requirements to join the Order.


Name Nation Date Notes
HIM Christina I & II  Cycoldia 6 November 2018 Sovereign of the Order of Nowell
HNH Thaddeus Miller  Cycoldia 20 November 2018 Awarded as Chief of the Cycoldian Special Detainment Forces
Hayden Lenard'  Cycoldia 29 May 2019 Awarded as Chief Marshal
Ekaterina Elswick  Cycoldia 25 December 2021 Awarded as Regent
HNH Avery Prasatik  Cycoldia 22 December 2023 Awarded as two-time Prime Minister
Star of the Order of Nowell