Cycoldian Special Detainment Forces

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Cycoldian Special Detainment Forces
Seal of the CSDF
Agency overview
Formed 20 November 2018
Jurisdiction Cycoldian Imperium
Status Active
Headquarters Empreton
Motto Exitus Ācta Probat[1]
Agency executive
Parent department Monarchy of Cycoldia

The CSDF, officially Cycoldian Special Detainment Forces is both the official police department of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, and the national intelligence agency. It is lead by Chief Thaddeus Miller,[2] who also is a member of the General Assembly and is under the direct employment of Christina I & II. The CSDF also handles most of the law enforcement of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia. The CSDF is also officially a piece of the Cycoldian government due to the Constitution of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia. The CSDF has been involved in multiple operations that have been released by the Cycoldian government including the takedown of the Lotus in which there were 4 agents involved in the defeat of them, the defeat of Mideria with only 1 monitoring agent (0 combatants by Cycoldia defeating the force of 7 Mideria). The CSDF has also battled in the 5th Cycoldian Civil war, in which they fought on the side of the Summi Imperatoria. The CSDF is an integral piece of the Cycoldian government and has at many points been the deciding factor of who controls Cycoldia.


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