Imperial Badge of Excellency

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Imperial Badge of Excellency
Official Medal
Awarded by any officer of the Cycoldian Armed Forces
Type Military Decoration
Established 15 August 2019
Eligibility Be in the Cycoldian Armed Forces or the Cycoldian Special Detainment Forces
Awarded for Service in the Cycoldian Armed Forces
Status Currently constituted
First induction 15 August 2019
Total inductees 2
Next (higher) Order of the Cycoldian New Years
Next (lower) None

The Imperial Badge of Excellency is a medal currently awarded by the Cycoldian Government, it is able to be awarded by any officer of the Cycoldian Armed Forces.


Name Nation Date Notes
HIM Christina I & II  Cycoldia 15 August 2019 Awarded as Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia
Ekaterina Elswick  Cycoldia Unknown Awarded as High Constable of Cycoldian Special Detainment Forces