Regent of Cycoldia

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Regent of Cycoldia
The flag of the Regency of Sillipha Wither-Rose
Sillipha Wither-Rose

since 29 November 2022
Imperial Cabinet
Style Illustrious Highness
Appointer Monarch of Cycoldia
Formation 25 August 2019
First holder Eva Yaren
Salary Nil (Pro bono)

The Regent of Cycoldia is the person officially posted as a sort of Deputy Monarch of Grand Republic of Cycoldia. The Regent acts as Monarch while the monarch either allows them to act in that capacity for a temporary amount of time, or if the Monarch is under the age of 10. There currently have been 4 Regents in Cycoldian history. The Regent as well has some operational power even when not wielding the power of the Monarch, such as being a direct advisor to the monarch, being a member of the Foreign Office, being a member of the General Assembly, and having a security clearence.

Image Name Term Flag Monarch
When taking office When losing office Term length
Eva Yaren
Princess of Cycoldia
25 August 2019 11 March 2020 199 days Christina I & II

r. 2018–present
Kleinmann Kümmel
Earl of Laflet
27 June 2020 26 October 2020 121 days
Ekaterina Elswick 2 November 2020 23 February 2022 1 year, 113 days
Alex de Jager
Viscount of Grandview
17 May 2022 27 July 2022 71 days
Sillipha Wither-Rose
Princess of Cycoldia
29 November 2022 Incumbent 1 year, 9 days
Kleinmann KümmelEva Yaren