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Napocatania Concession
Draculian Empreton Concession Zone
Flag of Napocatania Concession
"Outpost of Progress"
Anthem: Dust in the wind
Country Cycoldia
Established 7 February 2021
Dissolved[a] 10 January 2022
Administrative center Public Plaza
 • Last Administrator Charles Ross
Time zone GMT -5

Napocatania was a concession under the administration of the Commonwealth of Dracul. It was granted by the Grand Republic of Cycoldia in February, 2021 after a meeting between Christina I & II and Ambassador Charles Ross. Though owned by the Grand Republic of Cycoldia it was under the administration of the ECC (Empreton Concession Council), Christina I & II and Administrator Charles Ross. As well Draculian military members and staff were allowed in the area.


Napocatania was formed following an agreement of Grand Republic of Cycoldia and Dracul in which both sides agreed to form the region out of Cycoldian land in Empreton. Charles Ross was appointed as the first administrator of the Concession, until his removal from Dracul. Following his removal the area fell under dormancy, having had no development from either government and Cycoldia having stated they could retake the area.

On 10 January 2022, Dracul officially severed all ties with Cycoldia[1][2][3] and therefore revoked the treaty signed which created the area. In this, Dracul had violated Article Three of the treaty which had required a seven day notice from either side unilaterally revoking the treaty.[1][4][5]


  1. For a small period of time following its dissolution the Draculian government disputed the dissolution.
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