Cycoldian passport

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Cycoldian passport
Singraphus de Cycoldia   (Latin)
caption = Cover of Christina I & II's official passport from the Cycoldian Imperium
Type Passport
Issued by  Cycoldian Imperium
First issued 20 December 2018
Language(s) English (UK), Latin
Purpose Identification
Eligibility Holding Cycoldian governmental office

The Cycoldian passport is an identity document issued by both the Cycoldian Imperium and the Grand Republic of Cycoldia for specific authorised public officials. Inside of the passport includes details such as surname, given name, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, type of passport, passport number , and issuing authority.


The first passport was issued on 20 December 2018 to Christina I & II but later was taken out of effect in 2020 and replaced by an ID card. Passports were eventually re-issued under the Cycoldian Imperium and Grand Republic of Cycoldia, with the first one being made on 4 August 2022, and a later version being created on 15 April 2023, though they were limited only to the highest ranking officials.