United Kingdom of Creek and Lake

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United Kingdom of Creek and Lake

Coat of arms

Motto: In Pallidi Aquae Natamus In Caelum Volamus (Latin: In Pale Waters We Swim In Sky We Soar)
Anthem: God Save the Queen-Empress!
StatusFull Member of the Cycoldian Imperium
and largest city
The City of Creek
Official languagesEnglish (UK), English (US), Latin
Demonym(s)Lacian, Creekian
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Constitutional Semi-Elective Monarchy
• Queen
Christina I & II
• Prime Minister
Ra'ees Richards
The House of Peers
The House of Commons
Establishment25 January 2019
CurrencyLacian Pound

The United Kingdom of Creek and Lake, referred colloquially as UKCL, is a self-proclaimed sovereign state, commonly known as a micronation by outsiders. Located in the State of Texas in the United States of America it is completely landlocked within the city limits of the City of Houston. The United Kingdom of Creek and Lake is a unitary parliamentary constitutional semi-elective monarchy, with Christina I & II being the Sovereign (monarch). The capital and largest city of the nation is the City of Creek. The United Kingdom of Creek and Lake has English (UK and US) as its official language as well as Classical Latin being a scheduled language. The main administrative region is that of the City of Creek though six other counties make up the subdivision of the nation.

The United Kingdom of Creek and Lake was established on the 25 January 2019 as the Sovereign Kingdom of Clear Lake (known colloquially as SCL). The original nation soon annexed the territory of Lake on the 7 February and formed the Kingdom of Lake and later the territory of Creek, which later became the Kingdom of Creek. Both of these separate kingdoms remained in union with that of the Sovereign Kingdom of Clear Lake. However, the nation's name and constitutional structure was changed upon its merger with the Kingdom of Creek (colloquially known as KC) on the 25 January 2020 through the Act of Union. With the appropriate legislation passed, the Sovereign Kingdom of Clear Lake became the United Kingdom of Creek (colloquially known as UKC). The Kingdom of Lake (colloquially known as KL) merged with the United Kingdom of Creek through the Second Act of Union on the 15 November 2020, thereby becoming the present United Kingdom of Creek and Lake. The Second Act of Union however also united the singular crown of the United Kingdom of Creek & Lake to that of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia (commonly known as Cycoldia), thus one monarch today shares both crowns.

The United Kingdom of Creek and Lake are a full member state of the Cycoldian Imperium, and have been under the crown of Christina I & II since 2020.


The name “Creek” refers to Spring Creek, the creek that divides Harris County (wherein UKCL is located) and Montgomery County in the State of Texas, while “Lake” refers to Clear Lake, a major neighborhood in the City of Houston and within which the territorial possession of UKCL are located. The name was originally proposed by the Duke of Highwood in January 2019 for the newly-formed Sovereign Kingdom of Clear Lake (which originally bore the name of Lake fully).


The United Kingdom of Creek and Lake was established on the 25 January 2019 through the concerted efforts of several individuals by the name of the Sovereign Kingdom of Clear Lake. This original MicroNation was called the Best of British Club (BBC) as a celebration of British culture and flourished for its exposition of Anglo-Hibernian-Caledonian culture. The nation was evolved in the succeeding months and developed a unique blend of parliamentary and executive form of governance. The nation's head of government was established by the royal prerogative in the position of Prime Minister. The first prime minister - the Earl of Lake (later Marquess of Lake) - was appointed formally on the 25 January 2019. Several other governmental positions followed comprising of the Ministers of State and Realm and the Great Officers of State and Realm. The former comprising of officials in charge of the state, while the latter manage the Royal Household and chiefly ceremonial affairs.

The legislative body and supreme authority of laws under the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty is that of Parliament. The first Parliament of the Sovereign Kingdom of Clear Lake was called into session comprising of the House of Commons and the House of Peers. The former includes by its constitutional establishment eminent individuals of the realm whom do not bear a peerage, while the latter includes only the Lords and Ladies Temporal (i.e. peers and peeresses). The House of Peers was formed by the ennoblement of several individuals on the 25 January 2019 and a writs of summons being sent to 15 commoners, whom became the first Barons and Baronesses. With the Peerage now formed, governmental responsibilities and positions were parceled out other individuals.

Government and Politics


The United Kingdom of Creek & Lake is a semi-elective constitutional monarchy, highly influenced by the monarchy in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The highest position and authority within the nation is the monarch or sovereign, who discharges their powers with the consent of the people and the advisement of HM Government. The power of the Crown extends into the legislature, judiciary and executive sectors of the nation, though ordinarily exercises these powers under consultation with HM Government. The position of monarch is semi-elective as the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Creek & Lake has the sole authority to change or amend the line of succession (as it indeed has in the past). The monarch is the executive head of state as well as the head of government, for the government of the United Kingdom of Creek & Lake is formed in the name of the crown i.e. the monarch. The current monarch of UKCL since 15 November 2020 is Christina I & II, who is also styled as Christina I is Summi Imperatoria of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia. The monarch is assisted by members of the Royal Family and HM Royal Household in carrying out ceremonial and constitutional duties.

The Prime Minister is the head of government of UKCL who serves as the principal representative of the monarch to HM Government. Any individual can be appointed prime minister by the monarch, though by convention the prime minister is usually the leader of a political party that commands a majority and has the confidence of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Creek & Lake. The prime minister leads HM Government and forms a cabinet with the support of the various secretaries of state, minister, under-secretaries and other political and apolitical officials. The prime minister may either be dismissed either by the monarch (arbitrarily though this is against constitutional convention) or lose a motion of confidence from the members of Parliament. The current prime minister is Ra'ees Richards who was appointed prime minister following the removal of Arthur Lacey-Scott.

The Privy Council is constitutionally the most important body of officials who advise the monarch. Traditionally, the Privy Council would consist of individuals appointed by the monarch for their confidence and support, though by constitutional convention most individuals appointed to the Privy Council are members of HM Government who exercise the royal prerogative on behalf of the Crown. Senior politicians,  retired officials, members of the Royal Family and other influential personages are appointed to the Privy Council to provide non-binding advice to the monarch and to HM Government in exercise of their duties.


The legislature of the United Kingdom of Creek & Lake is a unicameral parliament consisting of two distinct groups i.e. Lords and Ladies Spiritual and Temporal and Commoners. Parliament is the sole law-making institution within UKCL and with whom final authority on all law rests. Lords and Ladies Spiritual and Temporal are those individuals either ennobled with a peerage or granted an ecclesiastical office in the Church of St Orr. A commoner is any individual who has neither been awarded a peerage nor an ecclesiastical office. Parliament’s main purpose is to formulate laws, propose budgets and bills etc. The prime minister is the Crown’s representative in parliament and acts as the leader of the house i.e. parliament is theoretically under the control of the Crown as the Crown-in-Parliament is from which law is anciently derived from the Crown, though in the modern-day context this comes from the people and the democratic process.

The current 15th Parliament was established 25 January 2022 following the passage of the Local Government Act.


The judiciary of UKCL follows a common law form of judiciary in which case precedents and court decisions guide judicial decisions rather than direct law-making process by Parliament. The judiciary consists of two main courts and two special courts each with varying levels of responsibility and privileges. The Royal Court of Justice is the supreme court of the land with the Royal High Court of Appeals acting as an appellate court and lower court at the same time. The Royal Court of Justice is led by the Lord Chief Justice who by tradition is also the Lord High Chancellor and several Associate Lords Justices. The Royal High Court of Appeals is led by a single Lord High Justice though may have associated judges appointed to contribute to decision making. The Royal High Court of Ceremonies is a special court dealing in issues specific to peerages, honors, Crown offices and heraldic cases. The Royal Court of Lake is a special court dealing with judicial matters relating to the territories and acquisitions of UKCL only. Though all individuals appointed to the various courts are done so by the monarch, the judiciary remains an independent body not aligned with politics or any other institution.