3rd Cycoldian General Assembly

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3rd General Assembly
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Flag of the General Assembly
Legislative bodyGeneral Assembly
Jurisdiction Grand Republic of Cycoldia
Meeting placeAssembly Hall, Empreton
Term25 July 2019 (2019-07-25) – 27 September 2019 (2019-09-27)
General Assembly
Parties in the General Assembly
Prime MinisterKristopher Eastham
SpeakerChristina Nowell
Party controlMonarchist
Opposition partyDemocratic

The Third General Assembly was the meeting of the General Assembly of Cycoldia, formed following the July 2019 election, an irregular election at the time, and was extremely short.


This list includes all known members of the 3rd General Assembly, since while records of party composition of the chamber were kept, the list of members has not been recovered since the time of it's initial formation. While some documentation claims to show a member sitting for the Worker's Party (a non-registered party), they are believed to have been recorded on official government documentation as the sole independent due to the party's non-registered status.

Members of the 3rd General Assembly
Member Party
Christina I & II Monarchist Party
Kristopher Eastham Democratic Party
Jagan Sariga Monarchist Party
Ryan Massington Monarchist Party
Hayden Lenard' Monarchist Party
Thaddaeus Miller Monarchist Party
Nop Fauz (N.N)[a] Monarchist Party
Evan Paul Democratic Party
Julia Night Monarchist Party
Westlie Ruiz Monarchist Party
Saffron Spurlock Monarchist Party
Christopher Ramsay Monarchist Party
Eva Yaren[b] Monarchist Party
N.N Monarchist Party
N.N Monarchist Party
N.N Monarchist Party
N.N Monarchist Party
N.N Monarchist Party
N.N Democratic Party
N.N Independent[c]


  1. Nop Fauz is a pseudonym for an individual who's name is not recorded properly
  2. Eva Yaren was added to the General Assembly on 25 August 2019, and did not serve a full term. It is unknown who's seat they replaced as an ex officio member as the Regent.
  3. Documentation shows that this member may have, and most likely was, a member of the non-registered Worker's Party, as some comments from the September 2019 election mention a candidate for the Worker's Party, with those same records not mentioning an independent candidate.