Evan Paul

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Evan Paul
Flag of Jockromasa
Empress of Jockramasa
In office
Predecessor Office established
Successor Christina I & II
Personal information
Citizenship Jockromasa
Kingdom of Pinelandia
Nationality United States

Evan Paul is the former Empress of Jockromasa. She has held many titles across the micronational community.


Entering the micronational political sphere in 2018, Eovnia began in the now defunct Federation of the United States. in 2021 he revealed his identity to be Evan Paul.

Elysiumite-Cycoldian Affairs

Starting in early 2019, Eovnia held position in the rival states of Cycoldia and Elysium. In Cycoldia they served as a Council member and also aided Christina I & II with Elysiumite affairs. They served as Senator of Greymont and Governer-General of Greymont withing Elysium and also regularly served in other positions.

In early 2020, they were impeached in Elysium and formally stepped down from the military of both states. Unable to handle the stress, Eovnia backed off from micronational affairs and assigned her personnel state to be governed jointly be Robert Smith and Christina of Cycoldia.

Kingdom of Pinelandia

Eovnia had served on the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of Pinelandia.[1]

During the reign of King Joseph I, Eovnia served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.[2]

Titles and Styles

The Full Title of Eovnia Pual
Her Royal Holy and Imperial Highness, Empress Emeritus of Jockromasa, Bishop of Santonia, Princess of the Federated States of Gapla, Secretary of State of the Federated States of Gapla, Emira of Ak-Chin, Imperial Governor of Thebia, Lady of Pinelandia, Former Prime Minister of Federation of the United States, Duchess of Pinestan, Seer of the West, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federated States of Gapla.

Honours and Awards

United Royal Republics of Jockromasa
Unknown - present: Holy Order of the Eagle (Knight) (First Class)


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