List of micronations where Christina I & II is Monarch

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Christina I & II has been the monarch of many micronations, and is head of state of multiple currently. Many are through the Cycoldian Imperium, although some are due to other events, such as her being next in line for a throne, such as in the case of Altearn, though it did later join the Imperium a few years after her ascension. Though the micronation Cassandra recognised Christina I & II as Empress of Cassandra she did not recognise the title nor did the Cycoldian Imperium recognise it.

  Current realms   Former realms   Unrecognised realm (Cassandra)
Nation Date Governor-general Head of Government Coat of Arms
 Cycoldia 2018 N/A Avery Prasatik
 Lur 2019  – Christina I & II
 Dathuria 2019 Kevon Burnett Anthony
Altearn 2020  – Matthew Xia
 Creek and Lake 2020 Ra'ees Richards Ra'ees Richards
Lacia[a] 2020 Ra'ees Richards Ra'ees Richards
Jockromasa 2021 Evan Paul Evan Paul
Sequeria 2021 Willow Dziedzic Willow Dziedzic
Ela'r'oech 2021 - 2021[2] Moradin Fenri[b] Christoph Billung
Cassandra 2022 - 2022  – Grant Taylor
Nicaea 2024 Willow Dziedzic Will Guynne
Most Serene Republic of SequeriaUnited Royal Republics of JockromasaUnited Kingdom of Creek and LakeAltearn FederationGrand Republic of Cycoldia


  1. Lacia is a colonial possession of the UKCL, and therefore uses the same symbols and Governor-general as them, though it is considered separate by IO 2.7[1]
  2. Moradin Fenri was the last Governor-general of Ela'r'oech, which officially left the Imperium on 17 November 2021


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