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Republic of The Sohnland
Republik Sohnland

Motto: "Dark sky, Golden Dove, over a crimson sunset."
Government Coat of Arms

Rough location of The Sohnland

Capital DovedonEmblem.png Dovedon City
Official languages English
Demonym(s) Sohnlander
Government Technocratic Socialism
EthanSCoA.png Ethan S.
Legislature NSPLogo.png Nationalist Party (The Sohnland)
• Foundation
20 April 2005;
18 years ago
• Monarchy abolished

26 July 2015;
8 years ago

• Total
0.00031[3] km2 (0.00012 sq mi) (197th)

• Citizens
GDP (PPP) 2019 estimate
• Per capita


GDP Disclaimer
  • These are figures are merely a general estimate of value withheld by citizens and is not to represent the personal value of the Supreme Leader, Ethan S. These figures may be outdated at the time of reading and may need to be updated.
HDI (2021[5]) 0.994
very high
Currency Sohnlandic pound sterling (SPS)
Time zone UTC, WET
• Summer (DST)
UTC+1 (British Summer Time, WEST)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
yyyy-mm-dd (HC)
Driving side left[6]
Calling code +44[7]
ISA0001 code TSL

The Republic of The Sohnland, also known as The Sohnland or TSL (/ðəðɪðisʌnlænd/ (About this sound (listen))) for short, is a micronation that claims several properties in Warwickshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire, England. Apart from being known for its incredibly small size of 305m², The Sohnland functions like any other recognised country in its full capacity. While The Sohnland has been described as an example of professional micronationalism and a movement for legitimacy,[9] it is not officially recognised by any established sovereign state.


The Sohnland is the shortened colloquial name for the "Republic of The Sohnland", and refers to the name of the geographical region described by Sohnlandic locals of which where the republic is situated, similar to how the Sub Saharan country of The Gambia is named after the Gambia River that flows through the country.

According to the Sohnlandic constitution, there are other perfectly acceptable synonyms for The Sohnland, such as Sohnland, Sonland, Pigeonland, Bird land, Land of the Doves, and even Greater Carnifron, however, they are only ever used in casual settings and not to refer to the nation outside of casual conversation or on formal occasions.[10]


The Sohnland and its inhabitants have shown strong distaste in how they are currently governed by the UK under Westminster in regards to taxation, tariffs and economic regulation. How their taxes are reallocated within the UK being one of the main reasons. According to the official government website of The Sohnland their citizens generally lean towards right wing values and populist ideals.

Their main national purpose is the pursuit of autonomy, secession, and the preservation of the right to self determination.[11]


What was to become The Sohnland began on the 20 April 2005, originally starting off as a place to express Ethan's ideals, personality, and identity. Not really functioning as a nation at this point. The 4 year old founder of of The Sohnland at the time had no idea of what the concept of what a country was not even what a micronation is. Today, The Sohnland is almost 20 years long and the micronation still maintains its original national purposes and principles.

Government Operations


Sohnlandic Passports and Interior.png

On 1 May 2020, The Sohnland now had passports to distribute to its citizens. For a citizen to purchase a passport to use they are required to pay £60.[12]

Passport Stamps

From 11 May 2020, People visiting The Sohnland can request a passport stamp or even a postage stamp despite not being a mandatory part of customs.[13]

ID Cards

Citizen and resident ID cards of The Sohnland

Citizens of The Sohnland are not required to carry ID Cards but they can ask for one for a small fee, like with passports. Sohnlandic ID cards have the security features of any other typical ID card; holographic features and with the Guilloché pattern design that you see on any sophisticated banknotes or other government printed documents.[14]

Flag Pins

Sohnlandic flag pins.

The government of The Sohnland made dual flag pins of the Sohnlandic national flag and the flag of the EU to celebrate signing the European Economic Area Agreement.[15]

Border Signs


The Sohnlandic government had set up small border signs on 22 July 2021 in an effort to mark out The Sohnland's in real life land claims.[1]


In order to receive Sohnlandic citizenship, you must be appointed or approved directly by Supreme Leader Ethan S.. To improve the likelihood of being appointed as a citizen of The Sohnland, you will need to follow certain criteria. Your intentions and convictions must be known, along with your contact information. You must also know the Supreme Leader personally and show support and allegience to The Sohnland[16].

Signed Treaties and Recognition

EU EEA Agreement

The Republic of The Sohnland signs the EEA (SIS) Agreement on 21 October 2020. This treaty was later signed and enforced by The Sohnland to promote the freedom of movement between EU and EEA member states.

The Sohnland and European Union Relations Simplified.png

This treaty also allows for the free movement of digital data and frees up border checks between The Sohnland and EU and EU member states; However, the free movement of people and workers to and from The Sohnland's bordering neighbour, the UK may be impacted by brexit and their withdrawal from the Schengen area.[17]

Antarctica Treaty System (ATS)

The Republic of The Sohnland signed the Antarctic Treaty on 30 November 2020 with the aim of protecting Antarctic ecosystems by setting the continent aside as a nature preserve. Signing the Antarctic treaty also means banning all activities involving the military, along with making Antarctica open for conducting scientific research[18].

Recognition of the UK

On 7 November 2020, The Republic of The Sohnland drafted a 49 page treaty[19] of mutual recognition of the United Kingdom that was supposed to be sent to the UK Prime Minister. The treaty could only be sent via email at the time due to COVID-19 related issues surrounding national lockdown in the UK at the time. The treaty was merely a proposal and not actual recognition.

Nations with which The Sohnland has signed a treaty of nominal recognition or exchanged acts of recognition

Tacit Recognition

The Sohnland claims to have received tacit or in other words, implied recognition in the absence of formal acknowledgment.

There have been occasions where Sohnlandic passports were accepted at German customs at an airport alongside British passports as if they were documents of a sovereign nation.

The Sohnland's official government accounts on Chinese social media platforms and that Sohnlandic government websites were completely blocked for being a foreign government force outside threat to national security and "Harming the unity, sovereignty, or territorial integrity of the nation" according to Chinese government affiliated censors.

This prompted a shut down in TSL and PRC trade and an eventual switch in diplomatic relations for recognition of Taiwan (Republic of China) in retaliation. [20]


Cultural Origins

The Sohnland Demographics.png

The Sohnland is a bicultural nation since it has its roots and origins coming from the British Isles and Germany. The Sohnland today has citizenship that still hold German citizenship and their German passports to this day.[21]


Religion and its influences are largely absent from The Sohnland today as 90% of the Carnifron City region in The Sohnland is a mixture of agnostics and athiests; The 10% is said to be of the Christian faith.[22]

However, before technocracy took root in The Sohnland, there was a much larger presence of Christianity in The Sohnland. This was before the Sohnlandic government put regulations on preaching religion. This is not to be confused with banning practicing religion.[23]

National Dishes

The most notable national dish of The Sohnland is the Fried spam with baked beans, accompanied with British chips.[24]

National Foundation Day

The national foundation day[25] or otherwise known as the annual anniversary of The Sohnland is the date when the very first predecessor to the current republic of The Sohnland was founded on 20 April 2005.[26]



The Sohnland has an open laissez-faire, state-capitalist market economy by which the government of The Sohnland itself takes part in the economy whilst maintaining minimal restrictions on private enterprise and businesses.[27]

Local Currency

Sohnlandic Currency.jpg

The Bank and Treasury of The Sohnland printed real authentic banknotes and having minted genuine metal coins. The Sohnland, unlike many micronations, they have a real world currencies to trade with akin to recognised countries. Although, the value of the Sohnlandic pound sterling is uregulated and is not officially capped to any other real world currency or commodity, they have an estimated value of 2.08 USD per 1 Sohnlandic Pound Sterling (SPS) according to their local authorities[28].

This variation of the souvenir banknote was initially designed as a critique on micronational currencies due to their low value as the value declared is £0 GBP. The Sohnland has planned to print polymer banknote with holographic security features to to give them a genuine appearance, closely resembling €0 Banknotes in their makeup. [29]


In The Sohnland, the means of production and private and personal property is not to be unecessarily reallocated or redistributed. Private and personal property are to be regarded as interchangeable.[30]

The property of the State is the private and personal property of head of state. The State shall guarantee giving priority to the improvement of its property which plays a leading role in the development of the national economy. Land title deeds witheld by the great leader are to act as de facto territory of The Sohnland or until otherwise made de jure sovereign claims.[31]

The property of social cooperative organisations belongs to the State. Social cooperative organisations can possess such property as land, agricultural machinery, ships, medium- small sized factories and enterprises. The State shall protect the property of social cooperative organisations[32].

Government and Politics

Nationalist Party

Nationalist Party.png

The Nationalist Party of The Sohnland (NPS), formerly the Sohnlandic-Juche Party before 26 march 2022 is the sole ruling party of The Sohnland. The nationalist party advocates for the unity and full cooperation of all people in The Sohnland regardless of their backgrounds to come together and make The Sohnland a better place for all and to preserve its values and ideals.


Ever since the unrecognised nation's founding back in April of 2005 The Sohnland has had the same benevolent dictator, Supreme Leader Ethan of The Sohnland. The Sohnland is currently ruled by an autocratic and technocratic government[33].

Administrative Divisions

The Sohnland is comprised of three separate ceremonial cantons that are administered individually by the citizens that live in them and directly from the national government simultaneously. These three ceremonial cantons are separately enclaved within the United Kingdom and are not contiguous to the Sohnlandic mainland. They are officially known as ceremonial cantons as they lack the status as municipalities since they are not official run government entities within The Sohnland, merely acknowledged by the citizens within them and for their contributions to The Sohnland as a whole. These ceremonial cantons go by the Carnifron Region, Mainland Sohnland, Allenton Region and finally the capital district of The Sohnland which goes by Carnifron City[34].

Flag Arms Name Population Area
1280px-Sohnland flag.svg.png Ceremonial Cantons 1280px-Sohnland flag.svg.png
Flag of Carnifron Region.png Coat of Arms Shield of Carnifron Region.png Carnifron Region 2 0.305 km²
Sohnlandic Mainland Flag 1.png Coat of Arms Shield of Mainland Sohnland.png Mainland Sohnland (Pigeonland) 5 0.270 km²
Allenton Region Flag.png Allenton Region Coat of arms Shield.png Allenton Region 2 0.310 km²
Carnifron Flag.png Coat of Arms Shield of Carnifron City.png Carnifron City 1 0.001 km²
Soarland.jpg SoarlandCoA.png Soarland River Protectorate 0 0.111 km²
DovedonCityFlag.png DovedonEmblem.png Dovedon City 1 0.240 km²

Public Health

National Health Service

With The Sohnland making advancements in medicine and treatment, they've used their own tax funding and their domestic incomes collectively to fund for their own medical equipment and supplies. Including but not limited to breathing ventilators (multiple), many medical kits, blood testing kits, drug and alcohol tests, blood sugar testing kits, vitamin and mineral reserves and prescription medications.[35]

The Sohnland advises its citizens and makes an official response to COVID-19 by limiting travel and stocking up on food and medical supplies.[36]

Sohnlandic Companies


Logo of DoveArchives.

The DoveArchives is a Sohnlandic state funded, free online encyclopaedia that allows anyone to make and contribute to articles about anything they want. The site itself is a place to edit articles with little restrictions. Allowing authors to protect their articles from meddling users and making the manual of style not obligatory.

DoveSites Hosting

Logo of DoveSites Hosting

DoveSites Hosting is the state owned company that manages the national network framework for The Sohnland. The platform also functions as the website directory and search engine for The Sohnland and allows free domains for any website so long as they abide by its policies.

The Sohnland Today

Logo of The Sohnland Today

The Sohnland Today is the state owned newspaper that focuses on major news events in The Sohnland.

External Links

Government websites

Sohnlandic websites are managed by the national network infrastucture company, DoveSites Hosting.

Social Media


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