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DoveSites Hosting
State owned
Founded 13 June 2023; 11 months ago (13 June 2023) in Carnifron City, The Sohnland
Founder Ethan S.
Area served
The Sohnland, Libertalia, Ethosia, Mabruenia
Owner Ethan S.

DoveSites Hosting or otherwise known simply as DoveSites, is the State owned company within the Republic of The Sohnland. DoveSites Hosting has been delegated to network and communications management within The Sohnland; The company is responsible for being a directory and a search engine for websites approved by the Sohnlandic government.

Company operations

Although DoveSites Hosting allows for foreigners outside The Sohnland to host their own sites under a subdomain free of charge, their main purpose is the upkeep of the Sohnlandic local intranet. Not until 13 June 2023, the operations regarding what DoveSites Hosting carries out today was done under the generalised and direct jurisdiction of the Sohnlandic government.

External links

Government websites

These are websites that are directly administered by the Sohnlandic government.

Approved websites

These are websites that were allowed to use a DoveSites domain and are not affiliated with the Sohnlandic government.