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Grand Order of DR

Flag of DR
Great Seal of DR
Great Seal

Motto: “Anchored in Unity”
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish
Demonym(s)Danian, Grand Orderian
GovernmentSemi Republic, Benevolent Dictatorship

• Citizens
CurrencyGODR Contanti
Driving sideright

The Grand Order of DR, or alternatively known simply as the Dane Republic /dəɪnrɪˈpʌblɪk/ (GODR) is a micronation located in Northern California's Coastal wine country. The GODR was founded by and is still currently ruled by Supreme Overlord (SOL) Dane Bozzoli. The nation was established on March 17, 2019, but has roots dating back all the way back to SOL Dane Bozzoli's childhood in the late 2000s.

Wildfires and other Emergencies


The Grand Order of DR has experienced its fair share of emergencies and scares. One of these scares, which occurs every year from late Spring to late Fall is the threat of wildfire that plagues all of Northern California in which the GODR is located[1]. Even though wildfire is the largest and most common major threat to the GODR, other large scale emergencies also strike the GODR from time to time. Under the lead of SOL. Dane Bozzoli and a few other key citizens, the GODR and it's people work hard to harden the nation and prepare for any event that may jeopardize the safety of the nation and it's populace. When a disaster or event does overtake the nation by surprise, the citizens have been known to work together to rebuild using strong work ethic and unity to overcome even the most daunting of events. The GODR has also been aided by foreign help by those living just outside of the nation's borders, who have developed a great friendship with the citizens and have been essential to the recovery efforts in the past.

Wildfire Preparation

The Grand Order of DR has faced the threat of wildfire it's entire existence, though at the time of this page being written, has not suffered the direct devastation of a wildfire. The GODR has at times ordered for the evacuation of all citizens[2] on national soil due to the immediate threat of wildfire, and has also suffered many power failures due to wildfire activity. As such, the GODR spends a large portion of every year preparing for the upcoming fire season. Citizens work together, sometimes aided by volunteers not from the nation, to trim trees, clean up ground vegetation and debris, clear building rain gutters, strengthen the wildfire defenses, and make sure the entire nation is prepared and hardened for wildfire. Furthermore, the GODR government has a lease agreement with a citizen for use of the citizen's privately owned gas generators in case of a power failure due to wildfire or other emergency where a generator may be needed.

As of Summer 2021, SOL. Dane Bozzoli has been hard at work forming a non government affiliated, all volunteer fire prevention service made of citizens dedicated to the safety of the GODR. However, development of this program has been stalled since early August 2021.[citation needed]

Wildfires Throughout GODR History

Below is a list of major wildfires in the area around the GODR that had a large impact in the GODR in some way. Not all wildfires throughout the history of the GODR have been listed, only wildfires that directly effected the GODR or it's citizens in some way.

  • Redwood Complex/North Bay Fire Siege, 2017: These large wildfires, taking place before the official establishment of the GODR, burned hundreds of homes across Northern California, and also resulted in the deaths of many people. These fires burned less than a mile from where the GODR would later establish, and as such, left a lasting mental impact on citizens of the GODR to this day. Two future citizens would volunteer for over a week to help with efforts in containing the fires
  • Mendocino Complex fires, 2018: These two massive fires, also in close proximity to the future site of the GODR, would be California’s largest wildfire in history until the year 2020. The Mendocino Complex fires, consisting of the River Fire and the much larger Ranch Fire, would fortunately burn in the opposite direction of where the GODR is located today, but would knock out the power to the area for days at a time, greatly impact the communities surrounding the future GODR, and leave even more emotional scars on the minds of the future citizens of the GODR.
  • Camp Fire, 2018: The Camp Fire, California's deadliest wildfire with over 80 deaths, though far away from the site of the future GODR, covered the area with thick, toxic black and grey smoke. The smoke turned the sky a dark orange, black, and purple. Other than smoke, the future site of the GODR was not affected. Future citizens of the GODR were involved in Search and Rescue operations at the scene of the devastating and deadly fire for several days.
  • August Complex, 2020: The August Complex fire, which was a series of fires ignited by a lightning storm which came with very little rain in the summer of 2020, replaced the Mendocino Complex as the largest fire in California history. This series of fires was also in the area of the GODR, and covered the area in light or sometimes dense clouds of smoke drift. The large and vast amounts of smoke would eventually suffocate the Oak Incident, which had the potential to become much worse for the GODR. The August Complex would burn up most of the Mendocino National Forest, as well as the area where Grand Orderian citizens traditionally went to cut down a Christmas tree in the Holiday Seasons.
  • Oak Incident, 2020: The Oak Incident burned very near to the Supreme Overlord's first hometown, some 20 miles north of the GODR, which had been in existence for a year at the time of this fire. The fire threatened many family members of citizens of the GODR, and also threatened many towns in the area. The Supreme Overlord Dane Bozzoli, as well as a few other Grand Orderians, were involved in Search and Rescue efforts, evacuation efforts, and overall supporting the efforts of firefighting and life saving for over a week. The smoke from the Oak Incident, combined with smoke from the August Complex, turned the sky over the GODR and the surrounding areas a bright orange for over two hours. Not long after, at around two in the afternoon one day, the smoke completely blocked out the sun, with the GODR and the entire county the GODR is located in dark as night. It is known that crickets began to chirp as if the sun had set for the day. These conditions lasted for about an hour and a half, before the smoke in the sky returned to it's normal smokey grey color and the sunlight may its way through the smoke cloud. Fortunately, before the Oak Incident could spread into the nearby towns, the smoke from the Oak Incident and the other major wildfires at the time managed to suffocate the fire, cutting off the oxygen flow and helping firefighters contain it.
  • Unnamed fire, 2021: This fire, which has a name that is unknown, burned two miles south of the GODR. Evacuation warnings were given, but no mandatory evacuations took place in the GODR. However, citizens who were several miles south of the fire of the time were unable to return to the GODR, as all roads north were temporarily closed by police and fire agencies in California. The fire was quickly contained and only burned around 20 acres and one home.
  • Broiler Fire, 2021: The Broiler fire burned less than a mile north of the GODR, and at the start of the fire, was spreading at a moderate rate of speed directly towards the GODR. The Grand Orderian government, as well as the California government, issued Mandatory evacuations for the GODR and the surrounding area. This was the first time in the existence of the GODR that a mandatory evacuation was issued for the threat of a nearby wildfire. Of the 6 citizens living in the GODR at the time, only two properly evacuated, while the remaining 4 stayed behind, including the Supreme Overlord. The fire was mostly contained by California firefighters within four hours. Evacuation orders were still in place for an hour after the fire was mostly contained. The Supreme Overlord and the three other GODR citizens spent the remaining hour before the evacuations were lifted having discussions with California firefighters and police officers from the area that they were acquainted with, and thanking them for their efforts. The fire reached a size of 70 acres.
  • Hopkins Fire, 2021: The Hopkins Fire burned a mile south east of the GODR, reaching 600 acres at its peak size, and burning dozens of homes not far from the GODR. However, the fire, pushed by winds that were in favor of the GODR, pushed the fire in the complete opposite direction of the GODR. No evacuations were issued for the GODR by the GODR government or the Californian government, though an evacuation warning was issued by the GODR. During this fire, the SOL knew many people who were evacuated by the fire, and offered refuge to these personal friends to come and stay in the GODR. However, these friends of the Supreme Overlord declined the offer, as they had each already found a place to stay until evacuations were lifted for their homes.

Foreign Relations

The Grand Order of DR currently has and maintains relations with only one micronation, and is not currently a member of any micro national organizations, alliances, or treaties. Throughout the GODR's history, the GODR has held relations with dozens of nations and has been a member of many alliances and organizations. However, most of these relations or alliances were abandoned in 2021, as they were no longer in the best interests of the GODR and its people. Mid 2020-late 2021 is seen as the GODR’s isolationist era, although 2022 is seen as the re-emergence year of diplomacy in the GODR, as in mid January 2022, the GODR began to reopen to diplomacy, but this era has since slowed to a crawl. The following lists are compilations of treaties, diplomatic relations, alliances, and organizations the GODR is active and participating in, as well as currently maintaining.

Nations with which the Grand Order of DR has signed a treaty of recognition or exchanged acts of recognition with and currently maintains.

Environmental Concerns


The GODR is known to be environmentally unfriendly by other micronations, with one even stating the GODR was "One of, if not the most environmentally unfriendly micronation in the world." Many foreign observers see the GODR in this light, as the nation is known for it's timber and agriculture industry, freak accidents such as a septic tank overflow, the use of many fossil fuel powered tools and vehicles, and the use of burning firewood to stay warm in the cold winter months.

Agriculture in the GODR

Agriculture is the second largest drain of resources in the GODR, right behind the citizens of the nation themselves. Large quantities of water are required to keep livestock animals cool in the hot summer months in the nation. Pigs, as they cannot sweat, are often treated to a large puddle of mud, created using fresh water resources, to combat the arid conditions around the pig pen, and prevent the pigs from dying or suffering heat-related illness. This results in large amounts of water evaporating into the dry, hot air, or being absorbed by the bone-dry earth, resulting in a waste of water resources. Additionally, many critics of livestock farming also point out that methane from the manure of such livestock animals contributes to the Earth's Greenhouse Gases, speeding up Climate Change.

Logging in the GODR

Logging in the GODR results in the removal of large trees dotting the land. The removal of these trees for the production of firewood and to make way for construction of new structures reduces the amount of CO2 being absorbed to create oxygen, and can be argued by many to possibly be contributing to climate change. Additionally, the removal of these trees brings with it a decrease in shade provided by their branches. The less cover provided by trees means less shade for wildlife, such as squirrels, to seek shelter in from the sun in the hot summer months. Finally, the loss of these trees results in the loss of habitat for birds, squirrels, mice, etc.

Vehicles in the GODR

The GODR is home to more vehicles than people, with most of these vehicles being pickup trucks. These vehicles are known to use fuel less efficiently, contributing to higher fuel usage by the GODR.

Government Actions for the Environment

As of 2022 and 2023, the government of the GODR is considering taking actions that would create positive benefits for the environment. Two such options being considered and written up by the GODR is an act to protect Coastal Redwood trees from being cut down within GODR territory, as well as government funding and caretaking for a hive of protected honey bees. The GODR government is also considering recycling metals like aluminum and copper locally to produce GODR coins. As of 2023, all government actions for the environment are still in planning.


Agriculture in the GODR

Agriculture in the GODR consists of the production of chicken eggs for GODR consumption and trade, the production of pig meat(pork) for GODR consumption and sale in markets outside of the GODR, apple production for GODR consumption, and the occasional production of various garden crops. The GODR consumes most agricultural products and goods locally, however, some goods are sold to or traded with outside parties. Agriculture is part of the GODR culture, as well as part of the economy of the GODR, with a total of $ 9,300 USD being brought in from agricultural product sales to parties outside of the GODR. Additionally, the GODR's largest business and company, BozzCo, makes most of its income on the agricultural industry.

Logging in the GODR

Logging in the GODR is not what one first thinks of when thinking about logging. Logging in the GODR is generally very small scale in comparison to logging operations in macronations, such as those in the United States, and generally consists of tree falling using basic tools, such as chainsaws, wedges, and other small tools available to the general public. Logging is the GODR’s second most profitable local industry behind agriculture, with firewood being the main source of heat among citizens, as well as a commodity sold to buyers living outside of the GODR. Firewood sales to people living outside of the GODR often brings in hundreds of US dollars to the GODR.


The Grand Orderian government hosts various official government accounts on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and Facebook. As well as this, the territory of the Grand Order of DR is host to an independently owned and operated news organization, known as the Fence Sitter. About 87.5 percent of citizens in the GODR participate in some form of social media.

GODR in Foreign Media

The GODR, as well as the Republic of The Sohnland and the Federation of Adonia, were briefly mentioned in an article on the topic of micronations by the Daily Sun, an English newspaper based out of Bangladesh.


History Overview


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