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Mainland Sohnland (Pigeonland)

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Mainland Sohnland (Pigeonland)

Coat of arms

State flag

Other languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Mainland Sohnlander
LegislatureNationalist Party (The Sohnland)
Establishment13 April 2005
CurrencySohnlandic pound sterling

This ceremonial canton is historically the first canton of the Republic of The Sohnland and where the heart of the nation lies. All other cantons are merely extensions of this canton and partially administered from it. If The Sohnland were to lose all of its external territory, the republic would de facto revert back to its old flag and coat of arms shown above. The Sohnlandic Mainland is the largest in population in The Sohnland with a total of five. The total land area consists of 270 square metres.


The Mainland Sohnland is otherwise referred to as Terra palumba; latin for the Land of The Dove in an official context. This ceremonial canton has never had one single defining name and is most often referred to as merely the mainland[1].


The Mainland Sohnland, or 'Pigeonland is the original home and starting point of The Sohnland as a whole before expanding outwards aand gaining external provinces; predating The Sohnland as a whole by a week. Not only being the cradle of the nation but also the home of the cultural capital of The Sohnland Dovedon City.The Sohnlandic government eventually lost de facto control of the Sohnlandic Mainland in mid 2015 due to insurrection and treason[2][3]. Ever since, the de facto capital and designation of the government has been stationed in Carnifron City[4].


The mainland derives of its culture from the Republic of The Sohnland and is its original starting point. After the Sohnlandic government left for Carnifron City most of the Sohnlandic cultural relics and historical records were taken with them away from the Mainland. However, some important cultural aspects of The Sohnland's past were either destroyed by those acting in rebellion on the mainland or by careless negligence[5].


As of now, the mainland itself has only a population of five. It alone cannot have a functioning government and hasn't been run by the legitimate government of The Sohnland for years. The de facto national government is temporarily stationed in Carnifron City whilst the government refuses to give up their old claims.


Carnifron Archives

The Sohnlandic mainland is home to the cultural national capital of The Sohnland, Dovedon City[6].

Sohnlandic Fried Chicken

The private company, Sohnlandic Fried Chicken is based in the Sohnlandic mainland.