LGBTQ+ rights in The Sohnland

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The Sohnland
Status Legal
Gender identity Yes
Military Allowed to serve
Discrimination protections Hate crimes laws covering both sexual orientation and gender identity
Family rights
Recognition of relationships Yes
Adoption Yes

Over the years The Sohnland has become more open to LGBT acceptance as its people grow to understand those who are LGBT better. Eventually leading to the sole ruling Nationalist Party passing legislation deregulating protecting LGBT rights within its borders. Although the Sohnlandic government is accepting of LGBT people, a large portion of the population still holds views against its legalisation. Today. The Sohnland only retains some regulations on the right to change genders, with neopronouns still being unrecognised.

The Pride Flag of the Republic of The Sohnland. Made by Ethan S..
Progress pride flag next to a Sohnlandic national flag.
Category Republic of The Sohnland Description
Same-sex sexual activity Yes Public display of affection regardless is socially frowned upon LGBT or not, but allowed in private.
Equal age of consent Yes The age of consent is 25 years old regardless if LGBT or not.
Anti-discrimination laws in employment Yes Discrimination is not allowed in the work place.
Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas Yes Discrimination of any kind is illegal.
Hate crimes laws covering gender identity Yes Acts of pure hatred based on gender and gender identity are illegal, although gender idenity other than biological sex is not recognised.
Anti-hate speech legislation Yes Only discussion of LGBT topics from a purely scientific point of view is allowed.
Recognition of same-sex couples (e.g. civil unions) Yes There is no legislation recognising homosexual couples or heterosexual couples, but are de facto recognised.
Marriage Equality (e.g. Same sex marriage) Marriage is not practiced The Sohnlandic government does not recognise or conduct marriages.
Adoption by same-sex couples Yes Adoptive parents regardless of sexual orientation are recognised as parental guardians.
Homosexuals allowed to serve openly in the military Yes Yes, homosexuals can join the Sohnlandic defence force.
Neo-pronouns recognised Neo pronouns have not been used Neo pronouns have not been used or specifically negated by any body of the Sohnlandic government.
Transgender people allowed to serve openly in the military Yes Transgender people can serve in the Sohnlandic defence force, although their preffered gender is not recognised by the state.
Right to change legal gender No If a transgender person wishes to change their gender on official documents, the gender they identify as will be listed alongside the fact they are transgender.
Access to in vitro fertilisation for lesbians Yes There is no legislation restricting vitro fertilisation for lesbians.
Homosexuals allowed to donate blood Yes Anyone can donate blood as long as they are tested for communicable diseases and blood type.