Supreme Leader of The Sohnland

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Supreme Leader of the Republic of The Sohnland
Emblem of the Supreme Leader
Ethan S.

since 20 April 2005
Nationalist Party (The Sohnland)
Style Head of State
His Excellency
Status Head of State
Residence Dovedon City, Mainland Sohnland
Seat Dovedon City
Term length Five years, renewable
Constituting instrument Constitution of The Sohnland
Formation Time immemorial
Deputy Vacant

The Supreme Leader of The Sohnland is the head of state of the Republic of The Sohnland, and is the highest leadership institution in the country. The current Supreme Leader Ethan S. is responsible for Sohnlandic government institutions, state owned companies and foreign relations.


Although the title of Supreme Leader did not exist until recently, the institution that was to become the modern equivalent to being the Sohnlandic head of state was around since 20 April 2005. Ethan S. has always held the position since its founding. The Supreme Leader of The Sohnland is nominated by the Nationalist Party of The Sohnland when the incumbent head of state is announced to be deceased or resigns. The Supreme Leader cannot be forced out of their position by other party members. However, a Supreme Leader has never deceased or resigned as of writing.

Foreign affairs

The incumbent Supreme Leader is heading the Sohnlandic ministry of foreign affairs and also acts as the de facto Foreign Minister of The Sohnland, maintaining relations with the following nations and organisations.


The incumbent Supreme Leader and founder of The Sohnland is the writer of the Sohnlandic constitution and is tasked with making adjustment, edits and ammendments. The highest ranking institution in the nation is also known for passing legislation such as the Civil Protection Act.

Other powers

The Supreme Leader holds total control over a select few government institutions that are involved in state media, infrastructure, and social services.

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