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What was to become The Sohnland began on the 20 April 2005, originally starting off as a place to express its founder's ideals, personality, and identity. Not really functioning as a nation at this point, the 4 year old founder of of The Sohnland at the time had no idea of what the concept of what a country was not even what a micronation is.

There is a legend that the inspiration and the drive behind The Sohnland's creation was brought to its founder when he witnessed a dove/pigeon fly across the sunset on the very same day of founding The Sohnland. The bird was envisaged to appear to be made out of flaming gold against the bright light of the sunset. Later named to the "Dove of Burning Gold," a mythical bird of The Sohnland thought to give the nation divine purpose and protection. This mythical animal was adopted as the national animal and is displayed on the national flag.[1]


Nothing worth being notable happened with The Sohnland until 12 April 2009, when it got its first flag but not its current flag. After this point, The Sohnland began a slow and gradual progression towards legitimacy as a sovereign state, only having a flag, a land claim and a name at this moment in time. A lot of physical records of The Sohnland's history has actually been lost over time. Some years or months may be completely blank. On 26 July 2015, the Sohnlandic monarchy was dissolved and the republic was founded. On 28 July 2015, The Sohnland gave up most of its land claims due to lack of feasible control, of which formed a few short lived micronations at the moment of releasing territory. History and records about them no longer exist, all sources are not reliable. After this date The Sohnland was left with only 310 square metres to its land claim but with realistic control over it. The Sohnland never again shall plan to increase its territory, nor shall the nation have influence over other micronations.[2]


2 July 2016 was when The Sohnland printed its first flag by itself, using rudimentary fabric printing methods. Although it wasn't good quality and rather small, it survives till this day and is kept for the sake of preserving history. 15 August 2016 was when The Sohnland started having national anthem proposals. None of them were all that good. An official national anthem did not come about until years later. 29 September 2017 was when The Sohnland practiced socialism. This came with the final national flag change, the socialist banner hasn't been changed despite no longer being socialist for the sake of tradition. Socialism in The Sohnland failed miserably and the ideology was abandoned on 24 May 2018. A multitude of events happened on 24 May 2018; Permanent neutrality was declared, socialist practices were dropped and The Sohnland began to shift towards liberal conservative values once again.[3]


On 24 March 2020, The Sohnland and Carnifron begin unification. On 1 May 2020, The Sohnland finally gets passports and they become available for its citizens. However, they won't be the final design of passports due to obvious improvements to be made, like giving them gold plated lettering. 11 May 2020, and The Sohnland now has passport stamps for those visiting The Sohnland. 12 July 2020 is when The Sohnland makes identity cards available for its citizens. But it wasn't until recently when they got holigraphic sticker security features. 20 August 2020 is when The Sohnland gets a national great seal design. On 21 October 2020 The Sohnland makes a flag pins available for its citizens.[4]

24 October 2020 and The Sohnland submits a signature request for the EEA Agreement. On 15 November 2019, The Sohnland found the micronational community and began to form informal relations with those alike. The Sohnland celebrates its 15th anniversary on 20 April 2020, but unlike most anniversaries there was no celebration that year due to a COVID-19 lockdown. 2 November 2020 is the day The Sohnland gets the unofficial anthem "My Dove of Burning Gold" to commemerate the unification of Carnifron and The Sohnland. On 10 November 2020, a souvenir banknote design is made and will later be printed as a commemorative banknote. 11 September 2020 and The Sohnland had gained gold seal embossers to give treaties and official documents security features. 21 December 2020 is the day The Sohnland unanimously switches to the holocene calendar. Although HE dates don't appear on The Sohnland's official website so people outside The Sohnland can correctly interpret dates and times.[5] 11 January 2021 is when The Sohnland finalised its passport design with gold plated lettering. 23 January 2021 is when The Sohnland finally prints linen banknotes with holographic security features and a silver weaved strip in the centre. They also have a watermark of a dove in the white section of the banknote, this is planned to be revealed at a later date.[6]


On 21 December 2021, the first written article about The Sohnland was featured in a notable international newspaper, the Daily Sun (Bangladesh).

On 27 April 2022, The Sohnland committed to aligning ourselves with NATO and are fully cooperative with other western nations. The Sohnland's objectives were to modernise their defence capabilities in their cooperative efforts to safeguard democratic principles. On 4th February 2022, the DoveArchives was founded and at the time was called "TheSohnlandWiki".


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