Sohnlandic ministry of foreign affairs

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry logo
Agency overview
Formed2020; 4 years ago (2020) (original)[1]
(current form)
JurisdictionRepublic of The Sohnland
HeadquartersCarnifron City, Republic of The Sohnland
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
Agency executive

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of The Sohnland (TSL MFA) is the central government institution charged with leading the foreign policy and foreign relations of The Sohnland. Ethan S. is the current foreign minister. On 7 November 2020, The Republic of The Sohnland drafted a 49 page treaty[3] of mutual recognition of the United Kingdom to be sent to the UK Prime Minister. The treaty could only be sent via email at the time due to COVID-19 related issues surrounding national lockdown in the UK at the time.

Nations with which The Sohnland has signed a treaty of nominal recognition or exchanged acts of recognition

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