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Republic of Vinland
December 12th 2022–present
Coat of arms of Vinland
Coat of arms

Motto: Aequalitas, pax, iustitia
Capital Ceaburg
Administrative center Ceaburg
Largest city Ceaburg
Official languages English
Recognized languages French, English
Recognised national languages Vinlandic, English
Ethnic groups

33.3% French 22.2% British 11.1% Spanish 11.1% Thai 11.1% Filipino

11.1% Mexican
Demonym(s) Vinlander
Government Unitary semi-presidential Republic
• President
Alaixaiy Braus
• Chairman of the Congress
Legislature Parliament
Supreme Court
• Established
December 12th 2022
• Disestablished

• Total
0.001275 km2 (0.000492 sq mi)

• Census
9 (Diaspora included)
GDP (PPP) estimate
• Total
7336,56 $USD
GDP (nominal) estimate
• Total
917,07 $USD
Currency $ USD and £ VP
ISA0001 code VIN

Today part of United States of America

The Republic of Vinland, more commonly known as Vinland, is a micronation located on the US eastern coast, and founded on the 12th December 2022 by Alaixaiy Braus. It's Capital City is the city of Ceaburg.


The name Vinland comes from the northern name of Vinland. It was used by the Danish explorers of the 10th century A.D to designate a land beyond the ocean they discovered (now known as Greenland) and which was at this time a symbol of hope and freedom for the Norsemen.

The use of this name was decided by the Prime Minister and former Prince of Vinland in order to reflect this ideal that Vinland tries to represent.

Politics in Vinland

The political regime of the Republic of Vinland is a Unitary semi-presidential Republic. Indeed the Legislative power is held by the Vinlandic Parliament, a bicameral legislative body, while the Executive Power is held by the President, and the Judiciary Power is handled by the Supreme Court. Due to the recent abolition of the One-Parti system in Vinland, there is currently only one active political parti, which is the President's parti: the Vinland United Forward (VUF).

The Government of the Republic of Vinland is divided into 4 ministries: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Citizenship, the Ministry of Defense & National Safety, the Ministry of Happiness, and the Ministry of Organization. Each Ministry has a various list of Department focusing on more specific aspects of Vinland.

However due to the system of designation for the Supreme Court, some people consider the political as an oligarchy , despite this accusation being rejected by the Government.

Law Enforcement and military

The Law enforcement within the Republic of Vinland is ensured by the Vinlandic Civil Guard, and more specifically by the National Police. However, the protection of Vinlandic officials is ensured by the Presidential Guard.

The Vinland doesn't maintain a permanent army. However, the Reserve Forces, allows the government to have additional servicemen during large events, or in case of a Foreign invasion of the Vinlandic soil.


The Great Seal of the Republic of Vinland displays the eagle of the Coat of Arms, with the inscription "Republic of Vinland" above its heads. The national motto "Aequalitas, pax, et iustitia" (Equality, peace, and justice) is written below.

The Republic of Vinland was founded on December 12th 2022, by Alaixaiy Braus, under the name of the Chancellery of Ceaburg. Since this date the Republic of Vinland went under several political systems and changes, the main one being the decision to change the name from Ceaburg to Vinland, until the adoption of the current system on September 20th 2023 via the proclamation of the September Constitution by Alaixaiy Braus. Since its foundation the Republic of Vinland have been hard working into developing its Diplomatic Relationships, one of the biggest milestone of this work is the entry of Vinland within the EACO.

Detailed article: History of Vinland.


The Vinlandic economy is not really developed for now, however it mostly revolves around the productions of services (artworks commission, advising on various matters), the selling of Currencies, and the government's investment in the development of the SRV.

The official currency used within the Principality of Vinland is the American Dollar ($ USD), however the Principality is also using the Vinlandic Pound as an official money since the 20th May 2023. However this money is currently only used for local purposes, where as the American Dollar is used for foreign trade.

Map of the Vinlandic diaspora on the date of Octobre 2023. Citizens are present in the Canada, Mexico, France, United-Kingdom, Philippines, and Thailand.


The Vinlandic culture takes its sources in the European cultures, especially German, French, and English. Despite being quite new the Republic of Vinland does have a defined culture and a large diaspora around the world present on 3 continents. For matters of coordination, the SRV uses the Gregorian calendar as well as the surrounding micronations. However the national holidays are specifics to Vinland.

The Republic of Vinland is also working on deciding a national dish, animal, in order to create a feeling of unity among the citizens. To reinforce this feeling of unity especially among the members of the Diaspora, the Government created the "Diaspora day" when the citizens living abroad are encouraged to celebrate the Vinlandic culture.

List of national holidays
Holiday's name Date Purpose
Christmas and New Year Holidays 21st of December to 4th of January Celebrating Christmas and New Year
Veterans' day 2nd monday of March Celebrating the Veterans in the citizens' families
Memorial day 2nd Monday of April Honoring the memory of those who fell on the battlefield, and those who were/are victims of persecution
Summer Holidays 1st of July to the 31st of August Summer Holidays
Foundation day 12th December Celebrating the foundation of the Republic of Vinland, known then as the Principality of Ceaburg
Eid al-Adha 5 days depending on the calendar Celebrating Eid al-Adha
Yom Kipphur 3 days depending on the calendar Celebrating Yom Kipphur

In order to enforce the feeling of a national and cultural identity, the Diaspora Day was set up to celebrate the members of the Vinlandic Diaspora. During this day, the Vinlandic citizen are encouraged to display the national flag, cook the national dish, and play the national anthem.


Metropolis (City)

Due to its proximity with the Atlantic Ocean, the Metropolis territory's climate change very often, but it's a moisty environment, with warm temperatures in summer (often above 32ºC), and very cold winters (usually around 0ºC). The Republic also caracterizes itself by a an alternance of sunny and rainy periods, even though the longest rainy period don't last for more than a week (3 to 4 days on average).

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