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This article is a detailed version of the History of the Republic of Vinland, covering the main events in the History of Vinland.


Reconstitution of the Flag of the Republic Karland, based on A. Braus memories.

Prior to the creation of the Republic of Vinland, Alaixaiy Braus already participated in the creation of another micronation named the Republic of Karland. This first micronation was founded around November 2021 and disbanded around February 2022. The main reason to the end of this first experience was the mass harassment that the former Chancellor of the Republic of Karland had to endure for several weeks, mostly due to his young age and the small size of the former State. Another key element to the collapse of the Karland was the lack of seriousness in the handling of the Micronation.

This first micronation however, gave a lot of experience to Alaixaiy Braus, and was one of the reason that motivated him into founding the Vinland in the end of 2022. It is important to noted that the main reason however, was that, according to Alaixaiy Braus' own words, "the main goal when I founded the Vinland was to create a safe space for the people I care the most about, and to allow oppressed people to have place they can call home and where they will always be welcomed [...]".

Ceaburgish Era

First flag of the Principality of Ceaburg at its creation in 2022.

14th December 2022 - 2nd January 2023: The Ceaburgish era

On the 14th December 2022, the Prince of Vinland officially proclaimed the independence of the Principality of Ceaburg, which is the first form of what is known today as the Principality of Vinland. The choice of an absolute monarchy was made at this time, as it was seen as the easiest way to lead the micronation. In order to promote an ideal of democracy and dialogue, the decision was made on the 26th of December to change from a monarchy to a chancellery.

During the Ceaburgish era, the micronation actively worked to establish an active presence online, mostly on the social media Twitter. During this period the Chancellery of Ceaburg started to develop itself on the micronational stage, and to build the beginning of its diplomatic network.

First Vinlandic Era

Satellite view of the Dundas Islands over which the Chancellery of Vinland had territorial claims.
Satellite view of the Vinlandic Overseas territories of the Twin Islands Archipelago.
Official flag of the Vinlandic Overseas Territories, in use until March 21st 2023. The flag was heavily inspired by the British styled flags.

2nd January 2023 - 26th February 2023: The Chancellery of Vinland

On the 2nd January 2023, the Chancellor of Ceaburg decided the modification of the micronation's name from Ceaburg toVinland. The main reason used to justify this decision was that the name Ceaburg didn't refer to anything special, and that the Chancellor wanted the name of the nation to be a better reflection of the ideal that this nation was supposed to incarnate. The choice of Vinland as the new official name was made due to the meaning of this name mentioned in the "Etymology" section, thus becoming the "Chancellery of Vinland".

During this period was initiated what is commonly referred as the "Great Expansion era", and would eventually last until the promulgation of the Official Ordinance of the 21st March 2023. This period was marked by a rise in the Vinlandic presence online, especially on Twitter, while claiming several territories around the world, especially in Northern America and in the Pacific Ocean. These claims were motivated by the need to establish a physical territory over which to rule. The territories concerned included the Twins islands in Canada, and some islands located on the Canadian West Coast nick named the Dundas Archipelago, in the Pacific Ocean, for a total of roughly 7'600 square kilometers. The claims over these territories mostly relies on the fact that they where entirely inhabited according to Satellite photography, and thus didn't show any reasons for which the Vinlandic sovereignty over those territories would be illegitimate. The said territories were thus considered as Vinlandic Overseas Territories.

26th February 2023 - 20th April 2023: The Absolute Principality

On the 26th February 2023, the Principality of Vinland was proclaimed, and the current flag, coat of arms, motto, and anthem were adopted by the reigning Prince in order to represent the micronation. At this time the political regime was an absolute monarchy leaded by the Prince of Vinland. During this period, the Principality of Vinland have known the greatest extension of its diplomatic network within the other members micronational community, and entered the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Organization along Ethosia and Libertalia, where it became a permanent member. It is also during this period that the Official Ordinance who put an end to the Great Expension Era was promulgated, thus pulling back all claims of Sovereignty over the Vinlandic Territories.

20th April 2023 - 31st July 2023: The Parliamentary Principality of Vinland

On the 20th April 2023, the Prince of Vinland officially proclaimed the First Constitution of the Principality of Vinland. This text is considered as the base of the current Vinlandic State. It defines the roles of the assemblies and the government, while setting the limits of the Prince's prerogatives.

During this period, a long work was performed in order to offer the Principality of Vinland a more defined institutional frame. It is also during this period that several big steps were taken in order to reinforce the Vinlandic identity, such as the creation of a micronational money (cf the Economy section), or of an official website. On the 21st May 2023, was also founded the first Vinlandic political parti, the Vinland United Forward. The Great Seal of the Republic of Vinland displays the eagle of the Coat of Arms, with the inscription "Republic of Vinland" above its heads. The national motto "Aequalitas, pax, et iustitia" (Equality, peace, and justice) is written below.

31st July 2023 - 20th September 2023: The Socialist Republic of Vinland:

On the 31st of July, at 8;30pm UTC+2, the now former Prince of Vinland, Alaixaiy Braus proclaimed the end of the Principality of Vinland and the establishment of the Socialist Republic of Vinland. This new entity is the current form of government of the Vinland. Its structure is defined by the National Constitution of the 31st of August 2023. It notably establishes the most fundamental rights of the citizens of Vinland, and the structure of the government as one-parti system. However the other political parties are fully allowed to exist and express themselves.

Modern times

On September 20th 2023, the former leader of the Socialist Republic of Vinland proclaimed the dissolution of the the Socialist State due to concerns over its legitimacy and the rise of criticism toward the One-Party system in place. On the same day was proclaimed the Republic of Vinland, establishing the Constitution of the Republic of Vinland as well as a separation of powers, with the introduction of a bicameral Parliament. Since then, in depth reforms were pushed to democratize the country, especially by the redaction of Special Protocols. Plans for the future development of the Capital city are also under study, especially regarding housing, and the construction of a reliable and sustainable energy grid. The exact territory for the construction of the Republic is also under discussion within the Government of the Republic of Vinland.

During this period, the Republic also saw the first major restructuration of its defense system with the dissolution of the National Guard, and the Establishment of the Civil Guard, as well as the reorganization of its ministries, giving birth to today's organization centered around 4 ministries.

In 2024, the President Alaixaiy Braus announced several plans to reorganize the country and stimulate the democratic life, which revolves mostly around a project of Constitution Reform. This changes started to take place with the promulgation of the Second constitution of the Republic of Vinland. Under this new constitution, dispositions where undertaken to simplify the organization of the Republic. The most important one being the restructuration of the legislative power around the Congress, and the abolishment of the Civil Guard. Legislative elections are also planned for 2024, which should see the establishment of the first legislature of the Vinlandic Congress.