National Police of Vinland

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National Police of Vinland
Shoulder patch of the National Police of Vinland worn by officers on duty.
Shoulder patch of the National Police of Vinland worn by officers on duty.
Badge of Vinnish police officers
Badge of Vinnish police officers
Common name Police
Agency overview
Preceding agency
  • Civil Guard
Jurisdictional structure
National agency Republic of Vinland
Operations jurisdiction Republic of Vinland
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Ceaburg
Police Officers 1
Agency executive

The National Police of Vinland is the main Law Enforcement Agency of Vinland, placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Internal Security. It was established on February 11th as a replacement of the Civil Guard, in order to offer a service more adapted to the reduced size of the Republic. Despite being trained in manipulating weapons, Vinnish police officers does not typically carry weapons on their daily duties, as most of their equipments include chest plate, radio, tonfa stick, handcuffs and pepper spray. However if deemed necessary, the officers can be deployed with their weapons if a serious threat is anticipated during an operation.

Since its foundation, the National Police of Vinland was not faced with any felonies or even misdemeanors.


The National Police is under the command of the Commandant who overviews the various operations of the police. The territory is divided into police prefectures, supervised by a Captain and their Sergeants. Fields duties are performed by regular officers. Except for the Municipality of Ceaburg, all other prefectures are usually equipped with small police stations open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Ceaburg is hosting the police's headquarters, which are open 24/7.

Additionally the National Police also handles the Border & Customs Administration, as well as the Special Purpose Unit.


The main doctrine of the National Police is to prevent crime through prevention and education. This involves the deployment of small units throughout the territory tasked with building trust with the local community, raising local awareness on potential crimes, and ensure that people have the knowledge necessary along with the trust necessary to address law enforcement services if necessary.

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