Vinland United Forward

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Vinland United Forward
ChairmanAlaixaiy Braus
FounderAlaixaiy Braus
FoundedMay 21st 2023
IdeologyRepublicanism, environmentalism, multiculturalism, socialism
Colours  Yellow
Presidential Office
1 / 1
0 / 2
Speaker of the Congress
0 / 1
Attorney General
0 / 1
Party flag

The Vinland United Forward (VUF) is currently the only political parti of the Republic of Vinland, thus making it de facto the largest parti. The Vinland United Forward was founded on May 21st 2023, by Alaixaiy Braus, under the Socialist era, and was, for a short time, the Ruling Parti of Vinland. However, the proclamation of the Republic of Vinland September 20th 2023, put an end to this domination era.


The Vinland United Forward doesn't have a defined ideology, but work along with some ideological flows, usually associated with the left/center-left. This ideologies involves notably: environmentalism (characterized by a strong orientation toward a strong sustainability), multiculturalism, and Socialism (some consider the Vinnish Socialism to be its own current).

The Vinland United Forward is also known for a strong support toward Republicanism (sometimes even considered as "radical" by some), and a firm belief that the respect of the institutions and the citizen are the pillar of a functioning society.


The Vinland United Forward aims to strengthen the Republic of Vinland, by giving it a physical territory, developing the Vinnish dialect, the economy, and the foreign relations of the Vinland. It also aims to develop the Research capacities of the Republic of Vinland, especially through the Vinnish National Research Institute. Finally, the VUF is also looking forward to develop its importance within the Republic of Vinland, by recruiting more members.