Vinlandic National Research Institute

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Vinlandic National Research Institute
FoundedSeptember 14th 2023
FounderAlaixaiy Braus
OwnerVinlandic Government
MembersAlaixaiy Braus - Director

The Vinlandic National Research Institute (VNRI) is a State-owned Institution, tasked with the mission of collecting Datas and conducting academic researches. Founded on September 14th 2023, it is currently the largest (and only) institute of this type within the Republic of Vinland.

Despite being subordinated to the Vinlandic Government, the VNRI conserves a large autonomy in the conduct of its researches, as the Government just ensure that the publication stays within the limits of laws, but otherwise do not interfere with the VNRI's activities.

As a State Owned Institute, the Vinlandic National Research Institute is overall quite open to anyone to enter it, even though an exam is required for the searchers in order to be accepted within the Institute.

Fields of research

As a Research Institute, the VNRI is currently focusing on micronational related researches, such as Economics, History, and Sociology. However some sources mentioned the intention to extend the field of researches to Strategical Studies on both macro and micronational scales.