Alaixaiy Braus

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Alaixaiy Braus
Image used by Alaixaiy Braus to portray himself on social Medias, however this does not picture the real face of A. Braus.
Born 31 October 2005
Status alive
Nationality French
Citizenship Vinlandic, French
Title President of Vinland
Term December 14th 2022 - present
Political party Vinland United Forward
Movement Socialism, environmentalism, radical left, pro-choice, pro-LGBTQIA
Honors Honorary Knight of the Order of Orion

Alaixaiy Braus is a Vinlandico-French citizen, and the current President and founder of Vinland. He is also known as the former Prince of the Principality of Vinland, as well as the founder of the Vinland United Forward, which is currently the main political parti of the Republic of Vinland.

Born in France on the 31st Octobre 2005, he goes to the French public school, before deciding to enter College for a major in Political Science. His main interests are History (mostly around West Africa and Central/Eastern Europe), art, reading, climbing, and vexillology. He is mostly known today for being the founder, and current leader, of the Republic of Vinland.

Personal Life

Alaixaiy Braus was born on Octobre 31st 2005 in Versailles, France. He spend most of his life in a small town in the suburbs of Paris, attending public school there until its 11th grade. Between 2021 and 2022, he formed its first micronation, the Republic of Karland, before abolishing it after roughly 7 months due to harsh harassment from other micro nationalists. For personal reasons, he moved to the United-States of America during the summer of 2022, in the state of New York, however he does not live in New York City itself. He attended his last year of high school in a private French school before graduating in June 2023. After his graduation, he moved to Montreal Canada, in order to attend College at McGill University, for a major in Political Science


Since his fifteens, Alaixaiy Braus is what some would call a Republican, and is supporting ideologies such as multiculturalism, environmentalism, laicity, freedom, and equality. He got engaged with the French political parti Place Publique (eng: Public place) since 2022, and he is a strong defender of International organizations, especially the European-Union and NATO. He actively push those values within his political Parti, the Vinland United Forward.

Significance in the Republic of Vinland

Alaixaiy Braus can be considered as a major person in the Vinlandic history, as he's the founder of the Republic of Vinland and have been ruling it through its political reforms until now, and is occupying the position of President of the Republic of Vinland. He is also the founder of the Vinland United Forward parti which is the single parti of the Vinland that occupies the key post of the government.

He currently occupies the post of President delegate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Citizenship, and to the Civil Guard, as well as being the official chief of the communication department of the Vinlandic Government.

Due to his position as head of State, Alaixaiy Braus is also the Supreme Leader of the Vinlandic Armed Forces, thus being able to decide their deployment and actions.

Significance in the Vinland United Forward Parti

As the founder and chairman of the Vinland United Forward, Alaixaiy B. is consider as one of the current pillar of the parti. due to his investment in it, especially regarding the communication around the parti's activities and legislative work.

Other Important acts

Alaixaiy Braus is also one of the micronational leader behind the foundation of the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Organization, along with the president of Ethosia Sebastian S., and the president of Libertalia Connor McLean. He played role by being among the founder states, and designing the first emblem of the EACO.

Since then he progressively got more invested within the Organization, by proposing motions to determine more precisely the frame work of the Institution, while representing Vinland among the other members of the EACO

Position Held

Medal of the Order of Orion, the highest honor of the Republic of Vinland.

This the complete list of the positions held by Alaixaiy Braus to this day.

Position held Date
Prince of Ceaburg December 14th 2022- January 2nd 2023
Chancellor of Vinland January 2nd 2023 - February 26th 2023
Prince of Vinland February 26th 2023 - July 31st 2023
Prime Minister of Vinland July 31st 2023 - Septembre 20th 2023
President of the Republic of Vinland Septembre 20th 2023 - present
Grand Chief of the Order of Orion 25th December 2022 - present
Vinlandic Representative to the EACO 11th May 2023 - present
Chairman of the Vinland United Forward parti 21st May 2023 - present
Commodore of the Vinlandic Civil Guard 31st July 2023 - present
Director of the Vinlandic National Research Institure 14th Septembre 2023 - present
Shoulder insignia of the Commodore of the Vinlandic Civil Guard. Highest rank of the Civil Guard, and currently held by Alaixaiy Braus.