Vinnish Flag

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Vinlandic Flag
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Vinlandic Flag
NameVinnish Pride
Adopted24th February 2023
Designed byAlaixaiy Braus

The official flag of the Republic of Vinland is one of the Vinnish symbols, and was adopted on the 26th January 2023 through an official ordinance of the Prince. It is composed of a blue, white and yellow horizontal stripes.

The blue strip occupies the superior half of the flag. The lower half is divided in two parts, the higher part is a white stripe, whereas the lower part is a golden stripe.

Meaning & symbolism

The blue of the flag is a symbol of the ocean and the Vinnish people. The white symbolizes peace and stability. Finally the yellow part stands for both prosperity and the Government.

This assembly of colors shows that the people are always the most important things for the State, as they occupy the higher half of the flag, and thus still superior to the Prime Minister and their government, which occupy the lower quarter of the flag.

Official uses

The flag of the Republic of Vinland can be freely displayed, however the flag bearing the coat of arms of the country are under strict regulations regarding their disposal. The display of the flags with the coat of arms is exclusive to the official events and buildings. This decision was made in order to distinguish more easily the official building from the regular buildings, and avoid confusion. However, in reality the flag displayed on the official buildings don't usually bear the coat of arms as well.

Official Etiquette

Displaying on outdoor flagpoles

When displayed on outdoor flag poles, no other flag shall be above the State's flag. The order of the flags is (from to bottom): The National flag, the Regional flags, the other flags. The National flag shall always be displayed in the center of the other flags specific to the Republic of Vinland. In case of a national mourning occasion, all flags, including the National flag, shall be lowered to the middle of their flagpole, and shall be folded in half, along their vertical middle line.

When the Vinnish flag is displayed as long with other micro/macronations' flags, they shall all be at the same height, with, if displayed on the national territory, the Vinnish flag in the center of the flagpoles. The National flag must also be present on each State owned building. The flag with the coats of arms shall be displayed only on the building housing the Prime Minister's office, and the building housing the Supreme Court.

Displaying on indoor flagpoles

When displayed on indoor flagpoles, such as in an official building's hallway, the Vinnish Flag shall be displayed at the same height than the other's flag. In case it is displayed behind a desk or other similar objects, with an individual standing in front of it, the National flag shall be displayed on the individual's right side, whereas the other flags shall be set up on their left side.

If the flags are displayed for an official visit from another micronation's official, their flag shall be on an equal foot with the Vinnish flag, meaning all flags shall be displayed on the same height and with the same number of flags displayed.

Naval ensigns

According to the law, the Naval ensign shall never be displayed on land, except for the Military naval ensign which is allowed to be displayed in front of the building hosting the Ministry of Defense, as it is responsible of enforcing the national sovereignty on the seas as well. An exception is also allowed for the Civil naval ensign during the National day on December 12th, where all flags are allowed to be displayed on land.

The Civil naval ensign is allowed to be displayed by all ships (note that the classical flag can also be used as a naval ensign) registered as Vinnish ships, however the Military Naval Ensign is strictly reserved for the Civil Guard operated ships.

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