Congress of Vinland

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National Congress of the Republic of Vinland
Coat of arms or logo
Official Emblem of the first legislature of the Vinlandic National Congress.
Logo of the National Congress of the Republic of Vinland
Founded September 21st 2023
Speaker of the Congress
Unus populus, unum futurum

The Congress of the Republic of Vinland, is the unicameral legislative body of Vinland, and was established on February 10th 2024, as a replacement to the Vinnish Parliament. Its rules are defined in the "Congress" section of the Second Constitution.

General Informations

The Congress is composed of Representatives elected for a three years renewable term. Their number can vary from two up to fifteen, according to the Constitution. The projection for the 2024 legislative election would be of either two or three Representatives. The Congress is notably in charge of passing laws, appointing the Attorney General of the Republic, and to ensure the overall well functioning of the republic as well as the fair representation of the Vinnish citizens. The Congress is supervised by the Speaker of the Congress, who is appointed directly by the President. If needed, the President can temporarily assume the role of Speaker of the Congress.

The Congress is also responsible for appointing the Attorney General, head of the highest jurisdiction of Vinland.

Current Legislature (not active for the moment)

Name Logo Party Leader Ideology Representatives Speaker of the Congress
Vinland United Forward
Alaixaiy Braus Republicanism, Socialism,

Environmentalism, Progressism

0 / 2
0 / 1
Members of Congress
Member Function Party Seat Number
Vacant Speaker of the Congress 1
Vacant Representative 2
Vacant Representative 3