List of Ministries and Departments of the Republic of Vinland

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This is a complete list of the Ministries of the Republic of Vinland, as well as their departments and sub-branches. They constitute the government of the Republic of Vinland, also called the Politburo.

Logo Ministry Departments and/or sub-branches
Ministry of Organization & Finances - Department of Labor & Industry

- Department of Treasury

- Department of Citizenship & Diaspora

- Department of Trade

Ministry of Welfare & Education - Department of Education

- Department of Healthcare

- Department of Public Transit

Ministry of Internal Security - National Police

- Border and Customs Administration (in charge of air space monitoring)

- Firefighters corps

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Delegations to the EACO

- Department of Foreign relations

- Department of Foreign crisis

Ministry of Environment & Energy - Department of Sustainable Research

- Energy Regulation Administration

- Department of Environment Control