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The following table presents an ordinal list of users on DoveArchives by edit count. In order to be listed, a user must make at least ten edits. The DoveArchives is a wiki which anyone with a registered account may edit. An edit count is the number stored for each user documenting the total amount of times they have saved a change (edit) to a page on the DoveArchives. A user's edit count includes edits made in all namespaces, such as articles, talk pages, userpages, templates, files and so fourth.


Rank Account(s) Owner Edits Administrator?
  Indicates the user is presently blocked from editing (also shown with strikethrough).
1 TheSohnlandGov Ethan S. 6,141 Yes
2 Summi Imperatoria Christina I & II 4,220 Yes
3 DevilTown Luciferio Mickomik 2,707
4 David Brooke David Brooke 1,250 Yes
5 Vinland Alaixaiy Braus 867
6 PGIliev Plamen Iliev 373
7 PiyaDaengjaNewCapa Piya Daengja 227
8 MabrueniaOFFICIAL Lily Fleming 246
9 LibertaliaFounder Connor McLean 162
10 PrinceIIAtlia Luis Marcel 147
11 ThePontunian Andrew Perdomo 148
12 Devinpurcell Devin Purcell 132 Yes
13 Lucas of Satoshi Lucas of Satoshi 52
14 PrinceAtlia Luis Marcel 40
15 DoveArchives Ethan S. 36 Yes
16 StretMerdhin Ashley 61
17 Stoddard Joshua Stoddard 32
18 GODR SOL SOL Dane Bozzoli 22
19 Zäbelle Zabëlle Lunarius Skye 21
20 Thoclus K Thoclus Kyle 19
21 Infinitelylovesick Tina of Felinia 10
22 MykaH Myka Hrženjak 121

Milestones and records

Milestone Date Achieved by User
TheSohnlandGov Summi Imperatoria
1,000 edits 5th of February, 2022
2,000 edits 16th of June, 2022
3,000 edits 2nd of April, 2023 28th of March, 2024
4,000 edits 4th of April, 2023
5,000 edits 28th of May, 2023
6,000 edits 5th of January, 2024