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Hiya! I'm Tina/Phoenix Elliott of Felinia, 24, they/them shitposter and cat lover. Userboxes below are things I enjoy or my traits. Thank you for visiting!

This user is a
Ragdoll Owner.
This user worships their cat.

This user is a cat.

Mew MewFor the future of the Earth, this user is at your service, nyan!
Code GeassThis user supports the rebellion.

This user vigorously hates Gundam SEED, but likes other Gundam programs

File:NERV logo.pngThis user is a member of NERV.

osu!This user plays osu!

(Made by RayleeKL on Wikipedia)

DSPSThis user suffers from Delayed sleep phase syndrome, and for this reason is seen as not taking life too seriously.

This user believes in disability awareness.

This user doesn't sleep much
This user is neurodivergent.
This user is female-bodied.
This user is genderfluid.
This user is transgender pansexual.
N C S This user is a NASCAR Cup Series fan.
24This user is a Jeff Gordon fan.
48This user is a Jimmie Johnson fan.
DISThis user is unable to work because of their disability.
Star Trek

This user thinks that Star Trek is better than-ugh- Star Wars