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David Brooke
Photo of Brooke in November 2021
Official Portrait of His Sovereign Lord David 2023
Residence Svereign Household of Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia
Nationality American-Australian
Citizenship  Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia
Education Juris Doctor
Occupation Attorney
Style His Sovereign Highness David of Ameristralia and Our Wards, Duke of Harkness and Brookfield, Viscount of Grosvenor, Head of State of the Commonwealth of Ameristralia, Grand Duke of the Sovereign Kingdom of Felinia, Protector of the Law and Rights, Executor of Justice, Defender of Equality and Peace, Promulgator of His Sovereign Honours, Supreme Commander of His Sovereign Ameristralian Defence Forces, Field Marshal of His Sovereign Army, Admiral of His Sovereign Naval Fleet, Regal Sovereign of Sovereigns and Royal Lord of Mayors
Title Sovereign Lord Mayor of Ameristralia
Duke of Harkness
Duke of Brookfield
Viscount of Grosvenor
Head of State of the Commonwealth of Ameristralia
Grand Duke of the Sovereign Kingdom of Felinia
Spouse(s) Katharine Brooke (m. 2006)
Children 8
  • Levi Brooke (father)
  • Sarah Brooke (mother)

His Sovereign Highness David Brooke, sometimes incorrectly referred to as "Daniel", is a micronational politician and diplomat. He is the founder and Sovereign Lord Mayor of the Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia. Brooke held several roles within micronations, including as the former Secretary of Membership of the now-defunct Alliance of Unified Democratic Independent Micronations. He has served as Minister of Culture and Initiatives in the Micronational Community of Australia, which has been removed as a cabinet position. Brooke founded and served as the first leader of the Green Socialist Party (Vishwamitra). He is the former leader of the Liberal Agrarian Party (Norton) and served as Prime Minister from January 2021 to February 2021 when he resigned from office and renounced his citizenship. Brooke was a National Executive Committee member of the People's Democracy (Pinang) and served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Pinangese Republic Braithewaite cabinet. Brooke holds military appointments in several micronations. He is the General of the Air Force of the United Kingdom of Great Realeza,[1] former Branch Commander of the Royal Air Force in the Kingdom of Blazdonia, and serves as Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Ameristralian Defence Forces.

Early life

David Brooke was born in Port Huron, Michigan on 19 February 1981, to Levi Brooke and Sarah Brooke. He is the eldest child of the Brookes, who had five other children. Brooke was an avid athlete throughout his school years; participating in local baseball leagues and intramural ice hockey games. Brooke lived with his parents until he graduated from a local high school in 1999. He moved to Australia shortly after graduation to study abroad, and learn about the Australian culture. Brooke met his current spouse, Katharine, while studying. David and Katharine were wed atop Mount Macedon on 19 June 2006. The couple spent several years working volunteering with at-risk youth and environmental issues in their local area.


David Brooke attended a local high school in Port Huron, where he graduated in 1999. Brooke made the decision to pursue a profession in law while living overseas. He applied to one of Australia's top colleges and was accepted, earning a Bachelor of Laws degree (Honours). During his studies, he developed an interest in politics and diplomacy. Brooke completed international relations courses while interning at a think tank in the Melbourne area. He went on to pursue his educational ambitions by enrolling in graduate classes in political science and public speaking. Brooke wants to study in a foreign diplomat academy to learn more about international relations.

Political views

Brooke's political views have been developed from his experiences throughout his life. Levi and Sarah Brooke are moderate Democrats and instilled the centre-left ideology in their children. After moving to Australia and attending university, Brooke's views changed to reflect those of Libertarianism, advocating for strong private property rights, limited government intervention, and free choice. The change of ideological views from America to Australia had a great impact on Brooke, especially as he studied at university. Brooke began to take an interest in Australian and American politics after acquiring his degrees. He began to study the differences in Libertarian schools of thought. Brooke volunteered for several community organisations as well, advocating for immigrant and young adult rights. This activity led to a change in Brooke's views, as he reflected on the work he was doing in the community and in law. Brooke became a member of the Green Party of the United States and the Australian Greens due to their focus on equality, social justice, and ecological responsibility. Brooke is an advocate of societal responsibility, therefore he subscribes to the ideals of Collectivism. His views inspired the development and formation of the Green Socialist Party where Brooke founded the party and was it’s Chairman. Brooke is also the Liberal Agrarian Party (Norton) Leader and Leader of the Opposition of the State of Norton.[2]

Micronational career

Development of the Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia

Brooke and Katharine educate their children at home. Brooke suggested the development of a micronation as a technique of mentoring the Brooke children in civics, civil duty, diplomacy, organisation, administration, and courteous conversation since she is interested in politics and government procedures. During the creation of Ameristralia, he served as the project's "advisor." For his efforts in establishing the programme and conducting research for a successful endeavour, he was formally chosen Lord Mayor of The Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia. The municipal flag, logo, peerage coats of arms, colours, symbols, and Constitution were all designed by Brooke.

Sovereign Lord Mayor of the Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia

Seal of the Sovereign Lord Mayor

David Brooke is the current Monarchy of the Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia, a position afforded the courtesy of a royal title. The Sovereign Lord Mayor is the Head of State of the Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia. Brooke is responsible for the representation of Ameristralian values and policy overseas. His duties also include opening and closing Municipal Assembly sessions, accepting appointments of the Executive Council, and signing legislation on behalf of the government. Brooke also acts as Advisor and Counsel to the Government.

Secretary of Membership of the Alliance of Unified Democratic Independent Micronations

Ameristralia was accepted as a full member of the Alliance of Unified Democratic Independent Micronations, or AUDIMN, on 14 August 2021 after petitioning the organisation for membership. The Chairman of AUDIMN, President Burfield of the State of Norton, appointed Brooke as a member of the Executive Committee (similar to the United Nations Security Council) as the delegate of Ameristralia. He was subsequently appointed the Secretary of Membership for the alliance; creating the membership application process and managing membership data. The Chairman formally dissolved the organisation on 26 September 2021, citing the unprofessional and misappropriate behaviour of some member states.

Chairman of the Green Socialist Party and Leader of His Majesty's Official Opposition

After becoming a citizen of the State of Vishwamitra, Brooke founded the Green Socialist Party to contest the 2021 elections on a platform on social equality and justice, ecological and economic responsibility through a collectivist approach. His goal was to form a party that would be able to act as a counter-balance to the right-wing Royalist Party of Vishwamitra. Prior to the election cycle, the Royalist Party disbanded, leaving the Green Socialist Party to contest the election against Vishwamitra's largest party, the National People's Congress. After the election of November 2021, the Green Socialist Party won seats for both of the candidates who contested and became the official Opposition in the Parliament of Vishwamitra. Brooke was officially appointed as Leader of His Majesty's Official Opposition.

David Brooke resigned as Leader of His Majesty's Official Opposition and Chairman of the Green Socialist Party on 3 December 2021, due to a political negotiation with the Prime Minister of Vishwamitra that became known as a scandal.

Minister of Culture and Initiatives of the Micronational Community of Australia

Ameristralia was elected to full member status of the Micronational Community of Australia on 16 August 2021. After the re-election of the current President of the organisation, the Honourable Zechariah O'Hair, Brooke was appointed the Minister for the newly combined Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Initiatives on 2 October 2021. His Eminence was also elected to the role of Safety Officer of the organisation in October 2021. Mr Brooke is responsible for ensuring the organisation develops and maintains a strong culture through initiatives and programs that impact the greater member communities. He is also responsible for the background checking of all applications submitted to the Minister of Membership and General Affairs, to assure the dignity and mission of the consortium are not damaged.

Brooke resigned from the Ministry and as Safety Officer of the organisation on 4 December 2021, citing personal reasons.

Leader of the Liberal Agrarian Party (Norton), Leader of the Opposition and Prime Minister

Brooke was appointed as Leader of the Liberal Agrarian Party (Norton) in the State of Norton upon his citizenship being approved. As the political party with the second-highest seat total in the National Senate, Brooke automatically became the Leader of the Opposition. Brooke became the Prime Minister after his predecessor Terry McKeen was removed from the office by a Vote of No Confidence in the National Senate.

Advisor to the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Braithewaite cabinet of the Pinangese Republic

David Brooke, who was a member of the People's Democracy (Pinang)] party, was elected as a Senator of Pinang on 11 December 2021. He was appointed as Advisor to the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs by Prime Minister of Pinang-elect Joshua Braithewaite. Brooke introduced the Environmental Protection Act 2021 as a co-author of the legislation along with the Minister of Economy and Labour Ayane Martinez, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture and Environment Daniel Quintero and Prime Minister Joshua Braithewaite on 22 December 2021.

Brooke chaired the Exceptional Foreign Affairs Commission, which is responsible for the audit and maintenance of diplomatic relations in Pinang. He was instrumental in the addition of Pinang as a signatory of the Citadel Accords pact.


As the fount of the orders of Ameristralia, His Sovereign Lord has garnered several national honours. He's also earned a number of intermicronational awards for diplomacy, friendship, and assistance to fellow governments. Brooke has received military awards as the Commander-in-Chief of the Ameristralian troops. The following is a complete list of awards, listed in order of importance from highest to lowest.

National honours

As the fount of all orders, the Sovereign Lord Mayor is bestowed the honour of Sovereign of all National Honours and may at his leisure create new dynastic orders for the purpose of recognising the contributions of individuals regards Ameristralia. There are currently three dynastic orders and two municipal orders granted by His Eminence.

Ribbon Honour Date Post-nominal
Sovereign of the
Order of the Crimson Garter
22 April 2022 SCG
Sovereign and Inquisitor of the
Most Noble and Royal Order of the Sovereign Eagle
10 October 2021 InQ
Sovereign and Grand Companion of the
Royal Order of the Sacred Phoenix
Sovereign and Grand Commander Knight of the
Most Honourable and Venerable Order of the Noble Eagle
18 September 2021 GCK
Sovereign of the
Order of Ameristralia
15 October 2021 OAS
Sovereign and Grand Knight of the
Order of the Emu
28 August 2021 GK

Foreign honours

Brooke is a supportive allied leader and diplomat for Ameristralia in the micronational community. Throughout his micronational career, he has received various foreign honours for his diplomacy and assistance of allied and non-aligned governments.

Ribbon Country Honour Date Post-nominal
Great Realeza Knight Grand Commander of the Royal Order of Great Realeza 14 October 2021 KGS [3]
Norton Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Patriotic Service 30 August 2021 PMPS
Norton Prelate of the Order of the Golden Eagle 23 October 2021 OGE
Melite Recipient of the High Order of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite 26 September 2021 O.H.D.C.R. [4]
Indradhanush Knight of the Order of the Indian Star 23 October 2021 KORIS
Knight of the Order of Chandrachur I 26 October 2021 KOCI [5]
Blazdonia Companion of the Order of Blazdonia 8 January 2022 BC
Blazdonia Shield of Patriots 5 November 2021 SoP

Military Honours

Ribbon Country Honour Date Post-nominal
Sovereign Ameristralian Defence Forces Distinguished Service Medal 28 August 2021 DS
Leadership Medal ML
Legion of Merit LOM
Commendation Medal MC
Defence of the Empire of Lurdentania Medal None
Australia Service Medal None
Service Ribbon None


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