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  Good evening, my name is Plamen G. Iliev, a Greco-Bulgarian bisexual libertarian socialist and micronationalist. I am a gender abolitionist, but while we still have those, my pronouns are he/they. I intend on editing pages that relate to either me or my friends, mostly just micronational history. My birthday is on the 13th of January, although the year is private, thus I usually just say I was born on 13/01/2042. I go to an American international school despite having been born in and living in Bulgaria my whole life, my parents just thought it would be better for me. I have played the following sports professionally (on a tournament level): football, chess, karate and fencing. My favorite song playlist is in the triple digits but I am really into Northern Boys right now. My favorite punk rock group is Контрол, although they are Bulgarian so most people wouldn't understand the lyrics.
I have been going to anti-government protests since before I could tie my own shoes, thus I am very politically active in Bulgaria itself. My favorite party is "Yes, Bulgaria!" and my favorite MP is either Hristo Ivanov or Yavor Bozhankov. I really don't like Vuzrazhdane and all the other pseudo-patriotic parties that openly campaign on my and other queer people's public execution.

Съсипаха я тая държава!