Connor McLean

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Connor McLean
Official portrait of Connor McLean.
Residence Imperia, Libertalia
Nationality American
Citizenship Libertalia, US
Education High School graduate
Years active 2017-2020, 2022-present
Style Connor McLean
Height 5'11
Title President of the Republic of Libertalia
Term 12 March 2022 - present
Political party Bloc Libertalia

Connor McLean (Born November 2004) is a Libertalian-American micronationalist, sim-racer, musician and content creator who serves as the current President of the Republic of Libertalia.

Personal life

Connor McLean is an 19-year-old male who currently resides in Central Florida. He is a former cadet in the Air Force Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (AFJROTC) and former member of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). McLean is self-described as center-left politically and does not adhere to any specific political ideology. He is openly bisexual and an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights both within Micronationalism and outside of the community.


McLean has been extremely politically involved for many years. Not subscribing to any specific ideology, McLean has long named himself a political independent. When participating in US political functions however, McLean has been noted to be a supporter of the US Democratic party for most of his life, briefly being a supporter of the Democratic Socialists of America early in his high school years.


McLean is long time musician, having played an instrument since fall 2016. He is a multi-instrumentalist known for playing the Trombone, Bass Guitar, Drum Set, Baritone, Guitar, Upright Bass, and Ukulele. He is a collegiately recognized bassist, having received a recruitment offer by a professor from the University of North Florida. McLean is known among circles for his percussive bass playing style, utilizing slap bass and flamenco techniques in much of his playing.


McLean spent much of his life as an active member of the Scouts BSA organization, joining in the second grade and eventually going on to attain the rank of Life Scout before leaving the organization in 2021. McLean is noted as to his disdain of the organization, citing multiple cases of pedophilia by leaders within his units and districts as his reasoning for such.

McLean was also briefly a member of a Venturing Crew before leaving the organization, never obtaining a rank in Venturing during this time, instead keeping the rank of Life Scout. He was a founding member of the Crew he joined, and assisted a newly formed all female unit during its formation. He was also an Ordeal level member of the Order of the Arrow, which he joined in January 2020 after completing his Ordeal camping weekend. McLean is noted of his criticisms of the OA, believing it to be cultural appropriation of Native American culture and customs.

Content creation and business pursuits

McLean is a small YouTuber and Twitch streamer noted for his gaming videos and commentary videos. He has been semi-active on YouTube since 2017 under the channel name Rocketman. McLean reached 100,000 views on his channel in mid 2023.

McLean is the founder of Team Oddball, an Esports team founded in August 2023, which currently has teams for the games Fortnite and Rocket League, with himself being part of the teams Fortnite squad. McLean is not currently ranked in any capacity on global rankings.

Order of Terra Mater and other religious pursuits

McLean does not adhere to any existing religion or spirituality, instead having formed his own spiritual movement called the Order of Terra Mater (Latin for Mother Earth, was called the Erudian Temple until 14 September 2023), which preaches goodwill to one's neighbors, respecting and working for the preservation of the Earth, and other similar ideals. He has been the leader of the movement since the 15th of August 2022, the date it was founded. He is the head of the Order High Council, which consists of the highest-ranking members of the temple. Mclean's official title is High Elder of the Order of Terra Mater.

McLean is an Ordained Minister in the United Life Church, a title he has held since April of 2023, he is the first citizen of Libertalia to hold such status. He uses the titles of Reverend and Minister interchangeably in formal settings, adopting the Reverend title unofficially.



McLean is the current President and founder of the Republic of Libertalia, which he founded at his lunch table on the 27th of November 2017. He has held the Presidency on and off since the founding of the Republic, having known to hold the position on at least five separate occasions. As president, he serves as Head of the Libertalian Government, and Commander-in-Chief of the Libertalian Armed Forces. When not in the Office of President, he has served as Libertalian Secretary of State and is responsible for the majority of the Republic's diplomatic efforts over the years.

Libertalian Army

McLean is the founder of the Libertalian Army, having formed it alongside Libertalia itself and acted as the first Chief of Staff of the Army. He currently serves in a reserve capacity as a Lieutenant Colonel, commanding the 2nd Infantry Regiment (Reserves). He is the longest serving member of the Army and had also held the highest rank in the Army historically, once holding the rank of General of the Army in prior service. McLean was one of 2 soldiers to take part in the 2023 North Carolina Expedition, and as such holds the award for said action, alongside Lieutenant General Ryan O'Neal.

McLean held the position of Interim Chief of Staff of the Army for one day, from November 17th-November 18th, 2023.

Micronationalism outside of Libertalia

United Sovereignties

McLean was the Secretary General of the United Sovereignties, a position he held for 361 days from 25 March 2022 to 21 March 2023. He was been the representative of Libertalia to the USov from the time it joined to the dissolution of the organization. While in power, he pushed for resolutions prohibiting membership of nations claiming Bir Tawil, the revision of the USov Charter, powers of the Secretary General, and other notable resolutions which were passed by the organization.

Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Council (EACO)

McLean serves as the current Delegate from Libertalia to the Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Organization EACO, a position which he has filled since 13 April, 2023.

McLean is the Secretary General of the North American General Assembly, in which he is responsible for overseeing Assembly sessions, deliberations and votes, and acts as one of two deputies to the Secretary General of the EACO. McLean is noted for his harsh voting practices (specifically against Antarctic micronations and those claiming the Bir Tawil region) and his advocacy for a combined EACO Security Force akin to the UN Peacekeepers.


McLean currently serves as Minister of Defense of the Republic of Ethosia, a position he has held since July 2023, as MoD, he also holds the rank of General in the Ethosian Army, being the highest ranking soldier in the Army. He was personally appointed by President Sebastian. McLean is largely considered to be the father of the Ethosian Army, being its first soldier and the officer responsible for most of the Army's early development, structure and policy. McLean is noted as being the first general of the Ethosian Army to institute mandatory conscription among the troops, which he did via Force Order 001, which conscripted all Ethosian citizens naturalized prior to 2 October, 2023.

McLean is the founder and current leader of the Ethosia Forward Party, which he describes as Populist, Social Liberal, Social Capitalist, Big Tent, and Constitutionalist. The party is the first political party registered under the current Ethosian Government, being founded on 5 October, 2023.

Other micronations

McLean is a former member of the Ondovic Parliament and was the Party Boss of the Bloc Ondovia Party. During his tenure he voted in favor of legislation to expand professional etiquette in Parliament. He was the only third-party MP during his tenure.

McLean briefly served as Secretary of Defense for the Republic of Mabruenia, and was a member of the Congress, appointed by President Fleming.

Awards & Decorations

Awards and Decorations received by McLean in his various pursuits.

Libertalian Army
Award Citation Date recieved
North Carolina Expeditionary Medal For participating in the 2023 North Carolina Expedition March 23, 2023

Links and further reading

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