Joshua Stoddard

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Joshua Frederick Stoddard
Folkalder of the Gasconadian Social State
Assumed office
27 September 2020
Preceded byOffice established
Member of Ethosian Parliament for SNFE
Assumed office
16 February 2022
PresidentGabriel Sebastian
Preceded byVacant
Premier of Mensenberg
Assumed office
7 March 2022
PresidentJordan Marino
Preceded byLouis de Blois
In office
23 November 2021 – 11 January 2021
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byAntónio Belicoso
Personal details
CitizenshipGasconadian, Ethosian, Mensisch.
Political partyBauwer National Front
Ethosian Democratic Union
ResidenceMissouri, United States
Military service
AllegianceFile:SocNatEthosia.png Republic of Ethosia
Meanwealth of Gasconade
Years of service2020 - present
Unit1st Battleteam
CommandsGasconadian Self-Defense Forces

Joshua Stoddard (born 2005) is a lesser micronational politician, he has been in the micronational community since a young age. Joshua Stoddard is the Folkalder of the Meanwealth of Gasconade, his own micronation; and the leader of the Bauwer National Front. He was formerly the Prime Minister, member of parliament, and leader of various political parties in Wynnland, Caudonia; and a member of parliament, and leader of political parties in Faltree, the Federation of American States, and the Dominion of British North America.

Early Life

Joshua Stoddard was born in a Joplin, Missouri, hospital in early 2005. Ethnically, Joshua is half Anglo, and half Scandinavian, which is fairly common in his region of the Ozarks. He grew up in various cities and towns in the U.S. state of Missouri, never living in one place for more than 5 years. In 2017 he moved to Spurhoff, Holbeck Parish, Gasconade, and has lived there ever since.


Joshua Stoddard began his micronational career on school playgrounds with his friends. Over time this, along with his access to social media sites such as Instagram, developed into him discovering the micronational community.

West Springfield

Joshua created the micronation of West Springfield in 2015, reviving it in early 2016. He maintained control of it for its entire existence, all the way up till 2020, despite not always holding the office of President. Joshua, with the consent of the West Springfield Congress, elected to join the Grand Republic of Delvera. This relationship ended with the dissolution of West Springfield in February, 2020.


As with West Springfield, when Joshua Stoddard created the State of Gasconade on 27 September, 2020, he was the leader, and has maintained the leadership position to this day. While working on Gasconade, Joshua joined many other micronations, and while not well known, he has ingrained himself in the community.


Joshua Stoddard is a fairly controversial person in the micronational world. He holds deep-set Christian, and traditionalist values, and has made this an open fact with how he carries himself. He has in the past took part in online trolling, although he claims to have grown up since these events.