Sohnlandic Fried Chicken

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Sohnlandic Fried Chicken
Privately owned
Founded 16 July 2023; 4 months ago (16 July 2023)
Founder Ethan S.
Headquarters Dovedon City, The Sohnland
Area served
Mainland Sohnland (Pigeonland)

Sohnlandic Fried Chicken or otherwise abbreviated to SFC is a private company based in the Republic of The Sohnland that serves the Sohnlandic mainland province exclusively.


The idea for the Sohnlandic Fried Chicken company originally started as a joke or meme in 2021 when it was suggested that Republic of The Sohnland itself should become a chicken resteraunt like Los Pollos Hermanos. Plans to make this company a reality were put in motion on 16 July 2023.


The sole location of Sohnlandic Fried Chicken is based in the kitchen area of the private residence of Ethan S.. With the intention still being a jokey context, plans to make professionally designed menus and logo signs on the way; for a more immersive experience.