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DoveArchives sector

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The DoveArchives began its was originally created on the 4th of February 2022 as "TheSohnlandWiki". Otherwise known as "TSLWiki" at the time, it was an online encyclopaedia for Republic of The Sohnland alone. The idea to change the site to be more inclusive to other micronations by changing its name and logo was proposed by David Brooke. The DoveArchives then much later became a general purpose wiki that allows editors to write about any topic they wanted aside from micronationalism.

Community sectors

A sector in micronational terms is a small subsection of the wider micronational community. Although the DoveArchives is now a general purpose wiki for any and all topics, it is still a preferred wiki for several micronations and micronationalists. Sectors are divisions of the wider micronational community which often communicate with each other regularly but are largely confined to be their own separate communities.

The beginning of the DoveArchives Sector

The influx of new editors on the DoveArchives was thanks to the site gaining increasing popularity amongst editors leaving other wiki sites for a more favourable policy and administration. Ever since, the DoveArchives as increased in members and popularity to be considered its own small community.

The Proclamation

The time of creation of this page is the time and date of the official proclamation of the new DoveArchives Sector.

Community members

The following micronations are active members of the DoveArchives sector.

Flag Name Capital Founded in Population
Republic of The Sohnland Dovedon City 2005
Republic of Vinland Ceaburg 2022
Republic of Libertalia Imperia 2017
Republic of Ethosia Arkania 2020
Rio Grande Republic Guadalupe 2023
Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia Grosvenor 2021
Grand Republic of Cycoldia Empreton 2018
Penn Federal Republic Medici City 2020
Kingdom of Pontunia New Rouen 2020
Grand Order of DR NDC 2019
Federal Republic of Mabruenia Grugow 2023
Sovereign Kingdom of Felinia Avalon 2021
Free Kingdom of Nicaea Nikopolis 2023
State of Hokoria Kojima Island 2023
File:ADSSFlag.png Autonomous Digital State of Saphoria Linihub 2023
Democratic Republic of Satoshi Nova Pecunia 2022
Commonwealth of Juniperia Portola 2022