State of Stret Merdhin

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State of Stret Merdhin
Stret Merdhin

Flag of Stret Merdhin

Motto: "One and All"
Anthem: Free Land of Stret Merdin
Status Active
Capital West Minnevada
Largest Ceyto
Official languages Cornish, English, Welsh, Breton, French, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian.
Recognised regional languages Manx
Government Monarchy
• Meternes
• Pennmenyster
Legislature Royal Government of Stret Merdhin
House of Commons
• Established
30 May 2022

• Total
234 km2 (90 sq mi)
• Water (%)

• 2024 population
GDP (PPP) 2023 estimate
• Total
$12.3 Thousand
HDI 0.936
very high
Currency SPS
Time zone UTC0 (GMT)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Driving side left
Calling code +44
ISO 3166 code SMR

The State of Stret Merdhin, commonly known as Stret Merdhin or even the OPROSM, or ROSM was formed on 7 November 2023. It aims for peace with all nations and to stay out of micronational conflict. The OPROSM was an protectorate within Opstandia and had powers to control Stret Merdhin's allies, economics, local government, state formation, local laws and the ability to vote in nation wide issues, on the 1 January 2024 the ROSM declared independence from Opstandia.


The name "Stret Merdhin" comes from a Cornish (Celtic) name, a street name within Kernow, United Kingdom. The name was chosen for the country because the leader of the nation would like to represent their culture.


Stret Merdhin was formed as the Republic of Stret Merdhin on 7 November 2023, after the Prime Minister was inspired by the Republic of Molossia and the Principality of Sealand. At foundation, the Prime Minister Ashley formed the High Parliament of Stret Merdhin as the nation's government body.

Imperial Levinian Commonwealth

On 8 November 2023, Prime Minister Ashley was contacted by the leader of the Imperial Levinian Commonwealth. The Prime Minister of Stret Merdhin alleges that Benjamin I of Levinia, the leader of the Imperial Levinian Commonwealth attempted to annex and erase the identity of Stret Merdhin after it joined the commonwealth. These claims were denied by the Levinian leader and contradicted by an official commonwealth statement. Stret Merdhin left the Imperial Levinian Commonwealth on 26 December 2023.

Protectorate of Opstandia

On 26 December 2023, Prime Minister Ashley requested that Stret Merhdin become a colony of the Opstandia. The Opstandian senate decided to allow Stret Merhdin to become a protectorate. The nation has since been known as the Opstandian Protectorate of Stret Merdhin.

Declaration of Independence

On the 1 January 2024, Prime Minister Ashley expelled Opstandian Official's from the nation after the community chats were spammed and abuse was sent towards the Prime Minister, After declaring independence the UMO removed state status from their organization and sent threats of annexing.


LGBTQ+ rights in ROSM
Same-sex sexual activity legal? Yes
Age of consent 16 (Equal age)
Gender identity/expression Yes
Recognition of
Military service Yes

Stret Merdhin has 4 states, 5 cites and 1 nation under it, each having differing powers, such as the State Ducal Council, State Council and City Council. Local governments have the authority to address issues facing the local area without taking up parliament's resources.

National Government Sub National Government County Councils City and Town Councils
Royal Government of Stret Merdhin Self Autonomous region of Corsa Parliamnt New Linwick County Council New Cololo Town Council
Crowned Republic of Pirans Healrd Combined Authority of Henwyn Hearld
Socialist Repubic of Golaunach Parliament West Minnevada County Council
Newgate Parliament South Minnevada County Council
Wildefield Parliament East Arikota County Council
New Arkware County Council

Politics and government

Menternes (Head of State)

Ashley was appointed the Menternes on 7 November 2023, Taking on the nations foundation and formation, Ashley went on to form the Government and passing 2 laws within the nation.


Tesco was appointed the Vice Prime Minister on 8 of November 2023, Tesco was gifted land within the nation with a local flag and local government..

Each state and City within the SOTM has a local form of government while working under the nations Parliament.

National Leaders Location Sub National Leaders Location County Leaders Location
Star 2021 - 2023 Template:Country data Cornwall Luna STP 2022 - 2024 Northamptonshire, England Lilly CSD 2022 - 2023 Template:Country data USA
Elowen 2023 - 2023 Template:Country data Cornwall Gwen LPE 2022 - Present  Wales Rebecca LKS 2021 - 2024  Scotland
Ashley 2023 - 2024 Template:Country data Cornwall Tesco WF 2023 - 2024  Scotland Jago JHS 2021 - 2023 Template:Country data Cornwall
Lord Paramount 2024 - 2024  Scotland Keith CAR 2024 - Present Template:Country data Isle of Man Sarah MCL 2022 - 2024 Template:Country data Cornwall
Ashley 2024 - Present Template:Country data Cornwall Rebecca LOA 2024 - Present Template:Country data Cornwall Nora OCL 2021 - Present Template:Country data Ireland


The culture of the ROSM has heavy influence from the Celtic Culture of the Cornish people celebrating days of holiday of the Cornish such as.

  • St Pirans Day
  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • New Years Eve
  • Pride Month

Foreign relations

Recognition without any formal relations but has recognition by the ROSM

Formal relations

Denied recognition