Free Kingdom of Nicaea

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Free Kingdom of Nicaea

Flag of Nicaea

Motto: Ελεύθερος από όλους, υποταγμένος σε κανένα (Greek: Free from all, subservient to none)
Capital Nikopolis
Official languages English, Greek
Demonym(s) Nicaean
Government Irikladian monarchy
• Basileia
Alexandra "Irikladis" Terrel
Legislature Boule

• Total
13,154.9 km2 (5,079.1 sq mi)

• Citizens
1, several diplomats in the Discord server
Currency Cimbrunese Drachma
Time zone Central Standard Time (CST)
Date format mm/dd/yyyy

The Free Kingdom of Nicaea is a sovereign state, commonly called a micronation by outside observers but considered a separatist state advocating for the independence of the Ozarks by its own members, and the latest incarnation of the leading state of the Irikladian Imperium. It claims land in the State of Arkansas within the United States. Initially established micronationally as the Empire of Orini in 2018 and as the Grandeur Orinian Empire in 2014, Nicaea is ruled as an Irikladian monarchy and is a member of the Ozark Sector.

As an Irikladian monarchy, Nicaea is a Hellenistic state of the present day that espouses monarcho-socialism as its economic system. In addition, the Parliament, or Boule, is elected by lottery once every three months.


Nicaea is a historical name, derived from an ancient Greek city in the northwestern region of Anatolia known as Bithynia.[1] This name was chosen as just as the Nicaeans of old took their country back from the terrorizing Latins and allowed it to last almost another 200 years, the Nicaeans of the present day desire to fight against tyranny and liberate the Ozark Mountains and it's people from the heel of oppression.


Orinian Era: approx. 2015-2019

The Orinian Era is a time period used to refer to the earliest and most infamous time period in Nicaean history, lasting from 2015 to 2019. The Orinian Period is divided into three historical eras, the Ancient Orinian Period (or Orini I) from 2015-early 2017 when the state was a Pokémon-based community on Facebook known as the Grandeur Orinian Empire or Grand Orini for short, the First Hiatus from 2017-2019 which was a hiatus caused due to numerous mental health issues the Basilissa displayed, later discovered to have been caused by schizophrenia and possibly bipolar disorder, and the Reformative Orinian Period, in which Orini reformed into a micronation, getting into numerous so-called wars before coming under the Nexan sphere of influence.

Ancient Orinian Period and Orinian Hiatus: 2015-2019

The first proper flag of the Grandeur Orinian Empire, considered to be the first Nicaean flag in history.

The Grandeur Orinian Empire was effectively one of the few raider states of the Pokémon community on Facebook, alongside the Sternlitch with whom relations were generally acrimonious and nearly spilled out into all-out war at least once according to cyber-archaeology. What did spill out into all-out war, however, was the conflict with the Elite Pokémon Society, which eventually resulted in its leader occupying the Empire thus leading to the initial decline of the Orinians. The group became inactive and would fall by 2017 with Alexandra's mental health collapse, starting the Orinian Hiatus period. The mother of Alexandra thought micronationalists tended to be arrested for insurrection, so although Basilissa Alexandra showed interest in reforming into a micronation before 2019, this could not have happened without severe pushback and was thus abandoned.

The Orinian Hiatus lasted a little over a year, during which the Basilissa sought treatment at several mental hospitals.

Reformative Orinian Period: January 2019-February 2021

The Reformative Period began almost as soon as Alexandra was allowed back on social media, approximately January or February 2019. During this time the Empire claimed the home of the leader of Krainego, and was banned from Vryland (later Caudonia) for what was described on MicroWiki as a "temporary lapse of sanity", the definitive meaning of this is unclear but it can be assumed that it was meant to be literal. Later on in the Period, relations were decent with several nations, such as Elysium and Kaiserhof, were good around this time until the simulationist Nicaean-Etukara War, caused when the Basileia found a case in an unknown YAMO over land claims on the basis of her personal experience with Krainego, in favor of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia instead of the Empire of Etukan, which in turn upset the Etukara delegate and led to a formal state of war, which was actually a large drama involving many micronations. Later on, the August Uprising against Arkovia (which changed its name to Promatia in the middle of the Uprising in an effort to stave off its foes) occured, with a man going by the name of Desslok Visari Nafage leading the charge. Nicaea participated in the August Uprising, writing an exposé by the name of "A Treatise on The Sins of Arkovia". [2] From this point on until May 2022, the Imperium was largely controlled by Desslok as a puppet state. The concept of the Imperium was born during this time, and numerous claims were made, although none of them are currently claimed with the exception of one due to the lack of realism in most claims and the fact the Basileia moved from Oklahoma to Arkansas during this period. The Imperium of Orini-Cimbrun was the first mention of the name Cimbrun and can be considered a transitive period between the Orinian Period and Cimbrunese Period.

Cimbrunese Period: February 2021-July 2023

The Cimbrunese Period is used to describe the period of time in which Nicaea was known as Cimbrun, and is divided into two periods: the Hellenic and Hellenistic Periods, with a period of inactivity known as the Months of Sorrow being a transitive period into the Nicaean Period. The Hellenic period was fairly short, lasting five months, while the Hellenistic Period lasted well into June 2022.

Hellenic period

The Hellenic period was the period from February to July 2021. The only discovered occurrences, prior to November 2023, were attempts to join several micronational organizations, most of which were successful, and the diplomatic reaction to the Great Des Plaines Valley War, the first of two wars in the Chicago Sector in which the territory of allies of the Cimbrunese state were invaded. [3].

However, in November 2023 many discoveries were made in regards to Hellenic period state, and it is discovered it was incredibly active. The first of these was the conflict with the Progressive Association, led by dictator of Tinakula Afrasiyab Jamshaid, who had taken dictatorial power after losing two separate elections. On February 17th, 2021, Royal Decree IV, calling for an end to the conflict and banning server members for participating in drama for one year, was written, however, by the next the day the Cimbrun Tribune reported on a coup in a Progressive Association observer, Vuaqava, experienced a coup d'etat, with it's Minister General, Goldaxe, being replaced by Florida. This can only be assumed to have resulted in more conflict, although this is hard to ascertain as Royal Decree IV was never repealed, but Afrasiyab is known to have taken a break in March, giving Tinakula to Nexan leader Desslok in expectation Desslok would run a caretaker government.

Politics and government

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Law and order

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Foreign relations

Nicaea is largely isolationist, with only those the Basileia trusts being allowed in the server and only those people's nations being allowed any level of diplomacy. This is due to a lack of trust with the community at large, which is in part why Nicaea describes itself as a separatist group rather than a micronation.

Geography and climate

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Culture and media

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